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How to Record Cheaters / Hackers

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1) Join the spectator team by pressing M and choose number 6 whick is "Spectate"


2)By Pressing Ctrl or Space chose the camera to be "First Person" mode

3) Choose the person you want to spectate by presing mouse left / rigt click or by pressing Ctrl

4) Open your console by pressing the button bewlow Esc and type: record <name of the demo> (We recomend use the name of the suspect player as demo name. The demo name cannot have spaces. Example: Instead of record adamwallhacker)


5) When you want to stop recording, open your console, type stop and press Enter

6) The demo file will be automatically saved in your cstrike folder

Where are located the demos

1) Steam:
C:/ Program Files or Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Half-life/cstrike

2) Non-Steam:
The game folder varies cuz theres a lot of different nom-steam cs... Right click in the game shorcut and click on "Open file location", the click on cstrike.

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On a side note to this which btw Dantes gj.

Make sure you have only these options selected when recording a demo because it makes for an extremely messy demo to review if you dont.

You can access this menu in game by pressing "R" in spectate 


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