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  1. Removed @ Memory from roster for being demoted due to inactivity.
  2. Sure , but what industrial are you talking about , you mean the industry zod map? I want to see more thoughts about the map coming back and if its all good it will replace toxic house.
  3. If you are unaware or not sure of anything if its legal or illegal feel free to read the rules as everything regarding zp sv is there. Buying golden ak47 and akm in the same round is considered a glitch that multiplies your dmg beyond what we intend to be the max. Also i'm sorry about you losing your aps but if there are no proof of you having the 4k aps by a photo or demo we cannot help you.
  4. Added @ Eren' as trial admin
  5. oh great monk bestplayer plsss teach us.
  6. Excluding cs , Team Fortress 2 is the best game i have played.
  7. I risked it with @ esteban thinking that he deservers a chance because of his activity and reports , i wasn't expecting him to be perfect in his trial, me saying that i wasn't expecting a wrong ban would be me lying , but this was the last thing i expected. Altough you are still very active and to my knowledge you have not abused your power as admin , these simple mistakes shouldn't be acceptable for an possible future admin since it also makes me wonder what other rules you don't know about. Demoted early in his trial.
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