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  1. Welcome, glad to have you with us. Which server do u play on?
  2. Happy bday bro party hard hope u have a good day and great years to come
  3. Welcome @ LaZy to the zp admin team
  4. Welcome back @ TheNoob hope u stay with us for along time Added to the roster
  5. its sad to hear that ull be leaving for good and for along time had fun playing with u take care and gluck in uni, make sure to pass with flying colors
  6. wow thats really something alright congratulations on the marriage make sure to enjoy it to the fullest
  7. This is very sad news, always had fun to play with, u told me this b4 and i thought u were joking, but it turns out u were serious Make sure to come back soon and dropy by every once awhile and take care
  8. a small suggestion is maybe adding those sounds like "penta kill" "mega kill" and etc and i think while players are in the protection they can shoot but cant be killed
  9. Congrats dude Much deserved, always on and always making sure players follow rules
  10. tried the new server its great i feel like this server would be better with double jump also the spawn protection didnt deactivate after shooting someone else, might have to check that out
  11. congrats much deserved take care of the server and admins as you are the senior
  12. the map looks nice, looks fairly balanced, and i dont think ive seen a ship map yet lol so it might be a good map to add
  13. Int3nseKill3er


    i can play warzone too
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