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  1. welcome to GC hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Congrats guys well deserved hope you do well in your trial and advance to perma
  3. Sometimes you just have to move forward in life Everyones gonna miss u Come drop by and chill if you ever the time We all wish you luck in your new journey
  4. welcome to GC glad to have you with us
  5. its sad to hear that you will be gone but do take great care of yourself and your family you will be missed thanks for all you've done for the community goodluck in your endeavours
  6. daniel trynna go into the secret but messes up badly lol
  7. yea if possible go right ahead and delete that account and keep this one 2020 was just a mess of a year so ill just cancel it like it never happened also thanks everyone
  8. welcome back hope you stay for along time
  9. welcome back ezekill its good to have you back and focus on the problem first cause life comes first and cs second wish you luck in that
  10. gratz ferr very well deserved keep it up
  11. congrattz spooky u were doing a great job for the community and we all are sure that you will continue thanks for all of ur hard work
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