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  1. Good luck in your University brother, Hope to see you back again.
  2. STEAM_0:0:442864786 GC | Kayney
  3. You need to be admin but you break the Rules, #NoVouch for me.
  4. congratz @ Chiki and thank about your advise.
  5. Good luck my friend, thank a lot to help me everything.
  6. Congratulations! @ debarshab happy life with your wife
  7. Name: GC | Kayney Age 26 Country: Thailand What are your hobbies ? playing ZP How did you find us ? i'm old player and glad to see you all again Favorite game : ZP server
  8. Admin who abused: JesusMyHomeBoi In which server: Zombie plauge Your in-game name: GC | Kayney Your steamid: STEAM_0:0:442864786 Admins steamid: STEAM_0:1:2674714 Evidence of any: Description of what happened: why admin is first zombie can use anti
  9. Name: HWgodlike Age 25 Country: Thailand What are your hobbies ? cs1.6 , league of legends How did you find us ? i played in ZP server for longtimes but i never introduce myself in forum , so hello everybody in forum and nice to meet you all Favorite game : CS1.6
  10. like this XTENTSXPIEROX.dem hisoka.dem 0795368380.dem s.w.a.t.dem maimuta.dem
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