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  1. viepO

    YOooooooo I'm back lool

  2. He is in closed cultivation to reach that realm.
  3. Hello everyone, It might come as a surprise to some of you that I'm the one who is making this promotion post since I am no longer active. However, it was requested by @ shado so I decided to wake up from my slumber. There is a big change in the ranking of Gamerclub that I'm sure will benefit the community. @ DefinitelyNotJah This is the change that has been made and I hope that he does not disappoint. If there is any questions please do not hesitate to reply here. Thank you @Staff @ Admin @Server Manager @ Demo Reviewer @Leader @ Trial DR
  4. Hello I know that a lot of people wanted this feature for a long time so here it is.... @Staff @ Admin @Developer @Owner @Co-Owner @Server Manager @Founder @Demo Reviewer
  5. IPS is updated to 4.4 Music box is enabled Template is upgraded Member shop is added (everyone's points has been reset) videos are enabled blackjack (uses your forum points) /giphy has been added on chatbox Group mention
  6. @Shark to be honest I've been trying to figure this out for a long time and I can't get my head around it I'll see what I can do.
  7. Nima


    Hello Everyone, I added that point system for profile background, profile song and other fun stuff. I removed purchasing admin from forum point shop. You can gain points by posting thread, replying to a thread, bank system if you haven't realised. I will be adding more features to it in future such as icons next to your name like mine customised. However, I'm extremely busy right now. You can gamble your points too which can be fun for some of you or donate it your points to other members. https://gamerclub.net/forum/shop/ Purchasing admin is removed but o
  8. again clear your cookies since we moved your cookies are stuck with the gamerclub.net and not gamerclub.net/forum so when you clear your cookies ctrl+f5 might do it if not clear your cookies from chrome settings
  9. as I said it's just front page read the title -_- @Xtrem
  10. @Xtrem https://gamerclub.net you're on /forum
  11. Hello there, As you may know I designed a new front page for GamerClub so I would like to ask you guys to let me know if there is any issues that it needs to be fixed or any suggestion that could improve it. I custom coded everything so there should be some issues here and there. That's the latest addition to the front page "Top member" there is a lot of stuff missing but I hope I can get everything finished this year. Captcha issue So I know some of you had issue with your captcha there is a solution for that... make sure to clear your cache and it will be back to no
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