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  1. Congrats Ninja!!!! Oh! that's me.. :), thanks guys!
  2. Life is important, do what you have to. And comeback soon
  3. Kalashnikov is on hacks! ban him!
  4. Steam ID: 0:0:544573673 in-game name: gc ' ninja time zone: UTC-05:00
  5. I'm ok with the 11AM - 3PM timing EST for Saturday and Sunday
  6. gc ' ninja 0:0:544573673 EST Can play on weekends
  7. tojo_ninja


    I totally agree for the fact that this will look bad in front of other players. I will chat in private going forward to have better communication or better control on the situation.
  8. tojo_ninja


    I don't have any grudge or anything on Gizz.. it's all fun and games, when all the players agree to play a knife game in the server and one doesn't listen and not play fair and bad mouthing others. What you expect the other admin to do ?? just quit the game and leave ? I tried to speak to him but he kept insulting. So I had to slap and he even slapped me and abused me after that. I am not here to play complaint game, I am here for fair play. All I tried to do is keep the server clean and I'm always down for that.
  9. tojo_ninja


    Holyshit GIZZ!! You really went ahead and posted this yeah! You made my day bro! LMAO.
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