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  1. I was suggesting a format that new (and possibly older players) players may take interest in, I spoke in 3rd person as to form a format of possibly future concepts if ever this got accepted positively. Instead, it seems my suggestion simply posed as an insult to other players in which I am very saddened since I was very opportunistic in the idea I have formulated.
  2. Rewards will be given when requested, in which I should be online. Players with 8k ammo packs can compete but will not be able to receive the rewards, this is to give players with lower ap a boost in their ap accumulating experience.
  3. I am currently testing if players would be motivated if they are offered some sort of "Challenge". There is this handsome individual who is fragging in the zombie plague servers >.<. I would like you to track and defeat "JRRM23" , doing so requires: "JRRM23" -Outfrag him by 20 points (0/20) -A screenshot of you infecting/killing him (0/3) times Rewards: 1x The reveal of the secret room in zm_assault maps 1x AKM12 for 1 round (its the most expensive thing I could give :-p) 1x Lasermine Difficulty: 10/10
  4. Unfortunately, I have yet to find traces of the map due to the vague information the internet provides in regards to the map. I will continue searching as long as it remains relevant, my sincerest apologies.
  5. I feel that's all the more reason to buff the AWP, doing so can increase the variety amongst players <3. I fear the AWP solely enacting as a freeloader whose primary means is to fill in the missing buy extra items slots.
  6. Here are more ideas( since I failed to provide support in persuading my initial statement.) Ammo Pack Title Thresholds - having a new title whenever a player reaches a certain amount of ammo packs. Ranking Titles - Similarly, I suggest the top players being rewarded by a seasonal "exclusive" title, item, or cosmetic, Hall of Fame (If there is none) - to archive the greatest achievers of the server
  7. In my 1 month stay, there are still things I don't know abt the progression system of the server. I am aware that there is a ranking system, but it seems to lack the means to reward players except for the sentimental value of being in the top 1-20 of the server. I have seen in other multiplayer fps games that rewards are what keeps players immersed, the stream of fresh content makes it that it doesn't feel repetitive. My suggestions being: Gun buffs and nerfs( Optional)- shift the meta, though suitable in servers with a devoted player base. Also, the AWP needs a buff Skins and Cosmetics- I suggest making it attainable through points, in which players would grind resources (ammo packs, points) to obtain. Weapon skins are the most optimal, but full-body skins should be toned down to prevent it from getting out of hand. One-round skins are an idea, costing ap to lower total ap accumulation of total players. Zombie mod reskins- I suggest having alternative skins in rotation after many months to give a different feel to players, old or new. New guns, zombie resource (Very Optional) - Having new variants of bolt-snipers, smgs, and auto-snipers. Making zombies hp suitable for the map, or replacing the map entirely ( If possible)(Very....very optional) - The layouts of the map can be a huge detriment for both sides. A prime example would be Concert2017_final, a bad map for zombies if humans managed to go to their spots, making it infuriating and unfun. New Mods - Rotating mods occasionally can keep the server fresh, which can make players inclined as to know further game modes. I greatly suggest adding a predator mod, wherein 3 players become Deimos zombies and hunt humans that bear 3 lives each. I also would suggest Nightmare Mod, similar to armageddon but with other mods added into it. Making announcements on the Server- most players tend to come and go without being aware of the existence of our website, announcing events directly to the servers gives new players an idea and possibly an urge to comply. There are ideas accumulated throughout my experience and hopes to spark methods that would make players more abundant.
  8. I suggest for the tournament to be a "Double Elimination" variant, with a losers bracket to make it even longer( to compensate in case the participants come small amounts) In regards to players with low latency, two "Single Elimination" tournaments can be held. This is to separate and even the odds amongst players, avoiding that sweet desync. Players can be separated in categories: Ex. 0-170 (the lucky bois) and 180-200+ ( Routers gapped by 30 walls, 10 inches thick each)
  9. It seems I have discovered the gist of the situation that I have been experiencing. Unfortunately, the evidence I have accumulated is very vague and requires a certain amount of consideration. This footage was taken today (tonight in my timezone) and is hopefully easy to vouch. I have found that despite running on the same application, my first account (One of the top 10) is different from what I have currently (what I have now correlates to my GC account). What's more surprising is that the former is also related (somewhat) to my GC account, which I believe is evident when I received 1000 ammo packs a few days back from a handsome individual (shado <3). What happened is that my current acc seems to be more dominant than my former and is now that one I am currently inclined with.
  10. Yes, and I am very pleased to see its return!
  11. During my stay on the server, I have noticed the scarce presence of the AWP which I believe is a very competitive weapon even on zombie plague maps. -A headshot of an AWP ( which has 10 rounds with a slow firing rate) deals 291 damage at point black range while an auto shotty deals( which has 20 semi-automatic rounds) 201 dmg per bullet. -Though it has bullet penetration, Its low damage per second along with its insignificance in staggering zombies makes it far worse than the free weapons like the ak47 and m4a1. -Missing shots with an AWP is very unforgiving especially on high latency, and even when it lands it will still deal less damage than the former rifles. -Zombies often zoom across the map jumping and/or strafing, making it only viable in narrow spots. The current state of the AWP makes it a "meme" gun suitable for flexing on other people, which correlates similarly to the M249 of CSGO (even then the sub-machinegun would do great in zm maps). It's 10 ap for reducing the damage output of a human. -I suggest giving the AWP the same damage as its CSGO counterpart where it deals 100+ to the body and 400+ dmg to the head. -I also recommend adding another weapon like the AWP M (similar to the AKM, but its a bolt action) to the variants people can select in "extra items" I believe this will increase the popularity of bolt action weapons in which both humans and zombies can tolerate, adding to the simple yet diverse gameplay of zm_plauge
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