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  1. An update :- Added several maps -> jb_night jb_oasis jail_blue jail_anubis
  2. As everyone knows now GamerClub has his own jailbreak Server, the server will be under a 30 days trial meaning that if the time passes by and there was no activity in the server we don't have a choice but to close the server, in the mean time you can try and invite some players and try to have fun if you've any suggestions or ideas feel free to post them over here. Cheers.
  3. nice, hope to populate the server too...
  4. nice job, hopefully you will fix the server and add some minigames or special days and also more lr games. and just to say the server without @ shado is boring.
  5. Natsheh

    Easter Gifts

    Best Terrorist : @Natsheh Best Rebeler: @Natsheh Best Warden: @Natsheh Worst Wardens: @RedBuLL @Daniel @JustGo @MaffyOZ'z Please if you're in the tag list above please please never be a warden in your life. thanks. Others : @GoOoD
  6. Natsheh

    New map

    @Night Fury
  7. Natsheh

    New map

    Thanks for the suggestion, the map has been added!
  8. If you have any idea how to improve the jailbreak server don't hesitate of sharing it, such as...... last request games special / fun days shop items also days shop items. all suggestions are welcomed depending on their logic !
  9. I would like to thank Daniel without his dedication this wouldn't be possible. Again we really appreciate your hard work, all the credits goes to him!!
  10. Name: Natsheh How did you find us ? Steam Friends Favorite game : R6S, Cs 1.6, Gang Beasts. I Established my own cs 1.6 community once but didn't go through with it, due people started to get over the game and woke up to pursue their dreams... Activity in the cs 1.6 game has shrink alot in the passed years after 2013
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