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  1. Nick: Zexter Timezone : gmt +1
  2. I used to play Halo 2 a lot when i was a kid,that game has a special place in my heart
  3. I play ZE since 2015 and would like to recommend few things wich i think would make server better. First of all,Zombies. I think there should be only 3 classes : - Hunter (Speed boost) {E} ---> Done. - Deimos Zombie (Drop Weapons) {Mouse 2} ---> Done. - Witch (Throw Bats) {G} I think this is enough and its much less confusing. About zombie menu : - Knockback Bomb ---> Done. - Blind Bomb ---> Done. - Zombie Madness ---> Done. Idk about prices yet. And zombies should ither be slow (little faster than human) but hard to push or fast but easy to push. I prefer second option. Other things : - Human Menu : i think there should only be Fire Nade and Frost Nade(buy limit : 1).I think there's no need for adding weapons yet,or at least add few weapons like double guns and idk,also there should be VIP menu. - I like thing with wasting ammo,it will prevent people from camping and its more challenging/fun. At least leave it like that for few days,lets see if players will adapt to it. - Add Prizes (Example 50 coins) for Best Defender and Most infections per round(Those 2 get double jump also) - Add Expiriance (Levels). This is VERY important for server. I think people should unlock new guns with levels (example: 2lvl deagle, 5lvl m4, 10lvl M249 etc) but start level 1 with gun like TMP and as levels go on u get better guns/pistols. This will motivate players to play more. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT ! : Don't add golden guns/bullets(And other similar things),in my opinion its unecesery and it just ruins the game. - Remove that when human get close to another human he becomes invisible to him,its unecesery. - I think Maps shouldn't have mist in them,its cool thing but its harder to escape because of low visibility of map, especially on new maps. - Remove that line on screen wich is showing start and goal,its so unnecessary. - Parachute is SOOO unecesery also,as one wise man once said: "Its ZE not ZP". - Add /get so players can get free coins each map (random amount of coins, for example 25-250). Also players should get Coins by escaping (for example 100). I think that they should also have a chance of getting - coins, for example : i have 200 coins and type /get i get -30 and now i have 170. - I heard there's some bugged maps,so u should remove them. - If possible remove that blue/red color following bomb when its throwed,its kinda distracting .. ZOMBIES should get expiriance by inf humans and HUMANS should get Expiriance and/or Coins for escaping. I think this is it for now. I appreciate ur work man @ BloodyPro
  4. Yess siirrr,ive been waiting for this moment
  5. Forum Name: Zexter In Game Name: Zexter / Pickle Rick Admin?: ZE Your Absence's Date 4.7.2020 Your Return's Date Idk Reason of your Absence Personal problem
  6. u literaly said to him stop or i will report u,he just asked why he reported me,he is good admin etc...then i said hemito shut up,and u lied here and said i told u to shut the fuck up
  7. i was suprised when he got admin without vouches etc,even red dont know him,i sweared couple of times,just said how tf he got admin etc...later when he reported me for that i called him a bitch thats all,im not really mad about him being admin but how? fury???and red probably said that bc im very active there and i really want best for this server and this comunity. Im sorry for swearing but i wasnt insulting anyone until he reported me.
  8. what the fuck u guys are up to? hemo wtf is hapening to u? why are u lying? even red dont know who he is and i just called him bitch for reporting me like really??!? and u threteand to anthony u said to him stop or i will report u,then i told u to shut up i didnt told u to shut the fuck up,why are u lying huh?
  9. i said to other admins how the fuck u got admin etc...later i called u a bitch for reporting me cuz u are a bitch. FR how tf he got admin without vouches and i dont even know him,he told me that hemo told to soviet to accept him wtf is that shit? can someone explain what the fuck is going on?
  10. Anthony did well his job,he is active,he is helping new players,telling them rules,slaying/warning them if needed etc.. Vouch from me. @Fury
  11. He a little confused but he got a spirit,delete this second post please.
  12. Hahahaha that's cute,let me explain guys.That guy is sfae,first guy who got banned by me and the most toxic guy there,he even threatened me lol.He is baned for reason and I slayed him for camping,that map is already hard for zms and he was there for like 20 sec and didn't let zms come so don't lie.He does that on all maps.He,electro,bumble,estube and gaaax,that's the team,toxic team,they are sooo mad that im admin now,they know it's bye bye for them ? EDIT: And im fucking gonna keep baning him,server is better place without him. U MAD BRO?? EDIT 2:
  13. hi fury,i would like to sugest some things about next update and im expecting ur opinion about this.I already told u about problem with coins so that should be fixed and also coins should be harder to get.Coins can be get by infections,escapes and by shooting at zombies so i think that should be removed(geting coins by taking hp from zms) so campers wont get advantage of that and people wont buy madnes every round,also with madnes its so op so i think price should be higher(like 150) and buying hp for zm is so useless.Also i think u should do something about levels like adding some prize like on 1-10 level u unlock guns,20lvl get +1granade,30lvl vip gun,40lvl idk..double jump? maybe blind bomb against zms?(if that can be added) or maybe some protection for humans so they dont die from 1 hit etc..also there is problem with few maps like ze_astroegypt,there is one part of the map where players cant do parkour so they camp there and dont let zms come inside,map is so ez for humans so it should be removed,same thing with ze_grinland_v2 where its impossible for zm to win,check that map u will know what im trying to say.And i think everyone would like some new maps like ze_doom_escape,ze_inferno_v1,ze_minecraft_xa etc.. i hope u think about this and i so hope bomabrdier gets removed. Btw sorry for bad english i tried my best to explain. Edit: I think it would be cool if zms couldn't infect players while frozen.
  14. My coins got reseted few times I heard it's happened to other players too like admin spucybass,is that a normal thing or should be fixed? Also I think coins should be harder to get
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