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  1. In game name Zexter Server Zombie Plague Steam ID STEAM_0:0:554727280 Ban Reason 'Sgs/Gs Hack' Admin that banned you: [GC] SaDBoY Proof of your innocence
  2. I used to play Halo 2 a lot when i was a kid,that game has a special place in my heart
  3. Server Zombie Escape In game name Zexter Country Serbia Age 17 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:55472780 How well can you speak english Excellent How many hours can you play every day 2-3 Have you been admin before ? Yes Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin? I have expiriance,can help and was admin here be
  4. Forum Name: Zexter In Game Name: Zexter / Pickle Rick Admin?: ZE Your Absence's Date 4.7.2020 Your Return's Date Idk Reason of your Absence Personal problem
  5. hemo is good guy who know rules and how to acts with rule breakers. @Anthony can tell better about his activity than me but i think he did good and we need more admins in ze.
  6. u literaly said to him stop or i will report u,he just asked why he reported me,he is good admin etc...then i said hemito shut up,and u lied here and said i told u to shut the fuck up
  7. i was suprised when he got admin without vouches etc,even red dont know him,i sweared couple of times,just said how tf he got admin etc...later when he reported me for that i called him a bitch thats all,im not really mad about him being admin but how? fury???and red probably said that bc im very active there and i really want best for this server and this comunity. Im sorry for swearing but i wasnt insulting anyone until he reported me.
  8. what the fuck u guys are up to? hemo wtf is hapening to u? why are u lying? even red dont know who he is and i just called him bitch for reporting me like really??!? and u threteand to anthony u said to him stop or i will report u,then i told u to shut up i didnt told u to shut the fuck up,why are u lying huh?
  9. i said to other admins how the fuck u got admin etc...later i called u a bitch for reporting me cuz u are a bitch. FR how tf he got admin without vouches and i dont even know him,he told me that hemo told to soviet to accept him wtf is that shit? can someone explain what the fuck is going on?
  10. In game name gc`Zexter Server Dust 2 STEAMID VALVE_1:0:844793807 Admin that banned you: man_whore Proof of your innocent I wanted to join ze server and I saw I got banned from d2(I didn't know if u get banned in 1 server u can't play at rest of them) for 24h and reason is nade spamming...REALLY?I did it once,I threw 4,5 nades and thats it,first time doing that and I didn't know I could get banned for that,you could at least warn me or something..
  11. Anthony did well his job,he is active,he is helping new players,telling them rules,slaying/warning them if needed etc.. Vouch from me. @Fury
  12. He a little confused but he got a spirit,delete this second post please.
  13. Hahahaha that's cute,let me explain guys.That guy is sfae,first guy who got banned by me and the most toxic guy there,he even threatened me lol.He is baned for reason and I slayed him for camping,that map is already hard for zms and he was there for like 20 sec and didn't let zms come so don't lie.He does that on all maps.He,electro,bumble,estube and gaaax,that's the team,toxic team,they are sooo mad that im admin now,they know it's bye bye for them ? EDIT: And im fucking gonna keep baning him,server is better place without him. U MAD BRO?? EDIT 2:
  14. Well..ur activity was ok,i got surprised when I read 12h but it might be true idk,u did ok as admin but I expected more, I saw u let some people get away with breaking/closing,it was probably accidentally but u must pay more attention on that,also I remember that there was one guy closing on team and when u slayed him he insulted u and he continued to close and u did nothing about that..its good thing that u speak Spanish,there are like 50% of spanish players but I really can't decide between vouch and neutral...also when u don't like some map don't change it immediately,play 1,2 round then ma
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