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  1. debarshab

    Guess What!

    happy birth day boss @ shado
  2. active and well aware of GC ZM rules . i give you my vouch
  3. best of luck knk , will miss you :)
  4. Hallo Esteban I must say that you get well improved than last performance. I really like the brave thing you did .. it's really a courageously decision to step up against a fellow colleague who is doing wrong.. Communication are much improved as well . About cheaters there some little tips, which i guess you alredy find out .. F3 / amx super Manu/ disconnected players. Always type in console status before making video. So that when you make video and he leaves and rounds also finish.. you can get the valve id.. even small video with accuracy gave us enough pro
  5. Last time Keyney was faild during his demo request .. this time as per last demo check he cleared it . But I am waiting for your final demo check ..
  6. welcome back jah ! we missed u
  7. Idk about ainz , so I cant say anything on this case .
  8. Sorry for late replay .. he was using auto bhop. And it can clearly seen in the demo as well .. demobonez.dem
  9. hi there , i will reply as soon as i get back home ..
  10. debarshab


    i save your ass right there @ Enigm4 by freeze them xD
  11. yah my profile picture were taken when i was in collage xD , Right now i am fat man with a happy wife xD
  12. lockdown effect mate
  13. debarshab

    my wedding

    Hey guys my weeding was done on this 19th , here you go some picture of that precious moment of my life
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