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  1. good luck @ Daniel , hope will see u soon boss
  2. good luck @ Soviet , Hope soon you will short out the problem regarding your personal life . Best wishes mate
  3. i save your ass right there @ Enigm4 by freeze them xD
  4. yah my profile picture were taken when i was in collage xD , Right now i am fat man with a happy wife xD
  5. Hey guys my weeding was done on this 19th , here you go some picture of that precious moment of my life
  6. @ GronEdson you need to see this , as of my previous reply on esteban's adminship application , i was more worried about his rules breaking than his English skills . I hope zp staff should consider admin's opinion , if i am not mistaken 3 people already had less faith on @ esteban .
  7. @ BloodyPro i will go with @ ERTUGRUL GAZi here zombie escape server including CSO ( neme vs humans ) will be great idea , if you guys agree i have more ideas of how we make levels , distribution of ammos , special privilege ( like happy hours ) for players for certain time etc ..
  8. welcome to GC sir , Hope you will find a friendly atmosphere over here :)
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