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  1. Banned in game by me. Thanks for report @Knigth Closed / Moved.
  2. You got demoted twice and got banned more than 10 times. A mistake is made by anyone, but you know very well what the rules are, etc. Yet you have not learned. #no vouch
  3. Banned in game by @ esteban. Thanks for you report. Closed / Moved.
  4. I have no idea why that happens. But, try to log out and log in. If the problem persists, I recommend you create an email in google, it is very simple.
  5. The demo is Dirty! Player is trucing. Thanks for you report! Banned Closed / Moved.
  6. Well, sorry for the bad ban. My bad. The player is #Clean. Unban request accepted. Closed / Moved.
  7. Sorry for delay, i was bussy in RL Here is the demo strafer.dem
  8. The player is not trying. Thanks for report @1nsane Banned. Closed / moved.
  9. The permanent ban really made you apologize.
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