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  1. Team chat: Needs to be limited to teams only, no admin view. Players are starting to suggest that we admins communicate with eachother to give off their positions and such. Thus, the server can lose some popularity concerning steamers and regulars. - Keep the Team chat on, I really doubt admins are using it for ghosting purposes, but rather to spot the opposing team of accusing hackers for admins to review, record and take action. AWP: Should be a team limit, like 20-25%, not a number, cause it depends on number of players on server. - Slightly agree, at most times the map turns in to an awp fest, which is not realistic of how this game used to be played back in the day. I agree on limiting it, however I dont know what the appropriate percentage should be. Smoke nades: This sould be limited to 6 per team. Since we cannot rely 100% on players commmunicating with each other, multiple smokes are thrown in the same spot, creating a lag effect that a lot of players complain about, myself included that they either stop moving instantly or have a lag that is impossible to play with. - Smoke is a crucial strategic component of the game, maybe limit the amount of players who can buy smoke...they do come in handy at times. Maximum ping allowed: This sould be lowered to 275 to start with, weed out the 300+ pingers which aren't kicked by the plugin cause they ping 299 once in a blue moon...my initial suggestion would be 250 but I dont think we can afford to lower it too much too quickly and lose players. - Agreed, high ping players slow down the server quite a bit, I believe 250 is a fair number to work with. Cheers Team. risker
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