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  1. What is there to even say just check the logs lmao? I was in D2 but on spec and afk and server had a decent amount of ppl and he joined but i never played. I come back and it restarted and i get called to the DM server by someone so i go. SURPRISE 2 seconds later he's there! Anyways I go back to D2 and LITERALLY LESS 60 seconds later he's there again, SUSPRISE! Server had the SAME AMOUNT OF people so as when i left so please just STOP with the pathetic exucses. Bro you're way to obvious and this is LITERALLY the definition of STALKING. Your excuses are garabge because D2 was JUST AS POPU
  2. This is very sad to see but also understandable. We always enjoyed your presences here and you were a great admin! Please try and pop in for a quick game whenever you can and good luck in the future! <3
  3. Hey @ BloodyPro i'm sorry for the delay but like you know ive been busy, I can promise $50 immediately and possibly another in a couple weeks!
  4. The way this framerate glitch is your ping will spike for a moment and then be normal for a bit then spike again etc...and this allows bullets to not reg properly on the user. This game is from 1999 so the fact not everyone here hasnt heard of this glitch doesn't surprise me considering it's got a ton of them but most people only know the most commonly used ones. I was checking your ping and literally every few seconds it would shoot up a few hundred points then calm down again. The most obvious was when you were typing something towards me and while you were STANDIN STILL the guy behind
  5. Also we need double jump, Deathmatch is all about faced paced gameplay. Double jump would help alot especially to gather an initial player base :)
  6. Its with great sadness I say goodbye to my beloved baby the Classic serverand with great joy to say HELLO! to DEATHMACTH!
  7. Bro wtf this is so sad! Im guna miss you bud! Please come back soon! <3
  8. This is a sad day for the community indeed GODSPEED BROTHER!
  9. HOLD Gamestop or GTFO!
  10. Do you have to be 18+ for this? Do I need an adult with me at all times?!
  11. Dr. Ice Ice Baby! Congrats bro!
  12. Happy Birthday you BLOODY bastard!
  13. So basically every single game ever made!
  14. well obviously 1.6 but other then that I enjoy Starcraft and Age of Empires but i really suck at them lol
  15. Awww thanks guys, you're making me blush!
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