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  1. I have thought about this and my main concern is the extra loading time. Many players on our servers dont always have the best internet connection so if they click to join our game and they see that they have to wait even more to time to join they might just hit exit and find another faster loading server. I know the wait won't be much but I find that some people are just very impatient lol. Thoughts @ Sniezka @ xAXOTO
  2. I agree that awp_india and fy_snow are our 2 most popular maps and like you said itd be nice to have even more favorites. Im surprised that cs_assault_1337 and other old super popular maps have not regained their popularity. Perhaps we need to just have those maps more often in the rotation to let people know that in fact they are played.
  3. Do you have to be 18+ for this? Do I need an adult with me at all times?!
  4. Dr. Ice Ice Baby! Congrats bro!
  5. Happy Birthday you BLOODY bastard!
  6. So basically every single game ever made!
  7. well obviously 1.6 but other then that I enjoy Starcraft and Age of Empires but i really suck at them lol
  8. Awww thanks guys, you're making me blush!
  9. Still waiting on that config!
  10. Hey look it's the hacker from D2 Welcome to the darkside sir!
  11. Pwnography

    Admin ban abuse

    Literally see you bhopping out of b tunnels into T spawn within like 4-5 seconds of round start which is impossible running anyways. Instead of acknowledge you got caught you go with "im better than you", classic 12 year old move, ironically ignoring the fact i had the best score/ratio in the server anyway and I was T. And you continue your charade into the forums....Please, just stop.
  12. Bravo @ Xtrem , well deserved!
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