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  1. Congratulations guys, I hope you both succeed in your work.
  2. Good luck bro for your life. I hope we are again see you. We are love you dude. Im very sad for your farewell but life this. There is nothing to do. Take care of yourself bro. See you later
  3. Bro Welcome to GamerClub family
  4. I'll miss you dude. I love you bro. I hope everything turns out the way you want. Take care of yourself bro. Good luck for your life bro
  5. I wish you good things in your life my friend. I hope everything will be the way you want. i will miss you
  6. Forum Name: Gaziantepsporlu In Game Name: GC'Gaziantepsporlu Admin?: Classic/D2 Your Absence's Date 28.05.2021 Your Return's Date İdk Reason of your Absence Gentlemen, my computer was stolen by a thief. I'm at the police station right now with the police. Remove my access to servers guys. I don't think the thief will play cs. Gentlemen. But I want to keep my job safe. I'll be back when I get my computer back. Guys, I would be glad if you do not remove my access to the forums but if the access should be removed then remove it. See you when I get my computer back. Take care of yourself guys
  7. Dude, there is no need for these. We agreed if you gave me 1000 aps for free
  8. Your keyboard and mouse are nice. I wish you good games with this keyboard and mouse. My keyboard is nice, but my mouse is custom made. On my mouse, got mouse ass and that ass fart
  9. bravo my little bro. I am happy for you. congratz
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