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  1. Satisfaction Hi mr.khader Welcome to gc. Nice to meet you (:
  2. Good Luck ur life. Best wishes for u. Take care of yourself
  3. yes gentlemen, as you can see in the title, it seems the end of the road for me now. I'm leaving from gc for 2 year. University starts tomorrow and I have to prepare for the vocational exams that will be in June 2023. Since my separation was long, I did not consider it appropriate to apply for a leave. because I want to write a thank you message to the employees here. First of all, everyone here was like my friend and brother. So I want to thank everyone. first of all @ Xtrem : you taught me a lot man, you've been a great help and support during my time here. I saw you as a brother my frie
  4. Forum Name: Gaziantepsporlu In Game Name: GC'Gaziantepsporlu#27 Admin?: Everywhere Your Absence's Date 24.08.2021 Your Return's Date 27.08.2021 Reason of your Absence I am going to Istanbul for business. I have work to do there. I'll be back after I finish my business there.
  5. 1- ı agree with you. For kill with headshot= 15-20 health. For kill with normal 5-10 health. Will be good 2- ı think it's will be good 3- ı agree with you 4- yeah please 5- 1 or 2 sec will be good. 2 secs better for me. 6- maybe it's will be good 7- yeah will be good 8- definitely ı agree with you 9- yea Yes this is rly very good. Double kill, mega kill, dominating, unstoppable, triple kill and etc. Rly will be good. we can also add a witch's laugh for the bomb and knife kills. We can also add the number of combos to the middle left sid
  6. congratz @ h4k1 u deserved this rank
  7. fy_iceworld: this map too very good.
  8. @ Pwnografi ı agree with u. good bye my beatiful server, classic. and ım happy for new deatmatch server
  9. Congratz @ tojo_ninja I am happy for you
  10. STEAM_0:0:575807504 gaziantepsporlu.dem
  11. Me too, i lost about 9k AP gaziantepsporlu.dem
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