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  1. Although I haven't been active lately, I know your experience because of the times we played together. And I see that other admins believe that you can fulfill this task successfully. from me to you #Vouch Good luck amigo
  2. Happy New year, I hope this year brings good things for all of us. Happy 3th year of gc
  3. Hi me too want to join giveaway. Im very poor hüüü :(
  4. I understand you very well my brother. Our situations are very similar. I wish you good luck and success in your work and life. welcome to people who work very hard in real life Mr.Ice
  5. Take care of yourself my dear bro. Good Luck for ur life.
  6. I hope you don't have to wait 6 months like me. Anyway, I like your admin, you're doing a good job, as they say, you just have a little more time. Practice a little more, man, good luck.
  7. Welcome to gc Nice to meet you dude
  8. @FERROZO Dude, you're destroying yourself. I don't know if you noticed, but you are preparing an admin application without even making a cheat report. I can see and understand how much you want management. but being an admin is not an easy job and you don't have enough potential and experience for this job yet. but it is up to you to solve this problem. Stay active on the server, make cheat reports, act mature, let everyone see how much effort you put in before making an admin application. do you understand? Ambition is good, but ambition is useless if you don't work for what you want. al
  9. Hemo my Lil bro I see that you have big problems with comparing the magnitude of numbers. 6>4 dude and with my reaction it becomes 7>4
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