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  1. Wish you all the best @ Daniel Congrats @ BloodyPro
  2. Huh? that was more ranting than anything
  3. Wish you well, hopefully we see you around in the future
  4. Wow nice keyboard and mouse mine doesn’t even do that
  5. There is no bug the server had an update Thursday and the stats and ranking has been reset read more about it here
  6. so credit for @ PussHole for suggesting limiting awp to 2 per team. i was also thinking of VIP system for dust 2 like earn your money as you go, but of course for VIP members who pay will have more money and access to different kinda guns @ Dr.ICE @ BloodyPro would this be possible?
  7. In game name Server Manager Steam ID ..... Text so i was just reading in the main lobby and i have read a really neat suggestion for dust 2 24/7
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