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  1. Is this for the forum or servers (including which server): Classic Your suggestion: Non-Admins should be able to switch to spectator mode. Every time when catching cheaters, we have to type "kill" in console and we might miss some evidence and it can also make things very hard if there are few players. Check the demo and you will understand what I'm trying to say. Very obvious aimbotter but there are a very few players. By the time I could type "kill" that guy had already killed everyone. I don't understand why can't non-admins spectate. Am I missing something? buyvipatgamerclubnet82.dem
  2. Welcome to GC! It's good to see you here plux! Have a nice stay. ?
  3. Welcome to the GC! It's good to see you here End1ex! ?
  4. Welcome to GC! Good to see you here Jamz ?
  5. This is my highest number of both kills and deaths, 69-123 It took me 4 hours to do this! Special thanks to @HeyZus @Daniel @Silas @pKK for extending the map lmao, i could've easily done 200 but there was no one to extend the time.
  6. Congratulations @HeyZus. Good Luck!
  7. I didn't read that GG and went into dust2 lol, gonna upload soon
  8. Really? @GoOoD As soon as he said 'ok lets go'.. in the shoutbox, i went straight to dust2 and got a kill..
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