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  1. @ Junior Venezuela just play good from now on
  2. 3 min until we start and i don t haave to much time cus i need to gooo comee guys to play
  3. on whitch server are we playing
  4. can i play at 1pm est? if someone can in my group then? but i think that is okay 2pm il be there i think @ AngryFace i think we are fucked up in first game
  5. Your in-game nickname:gc SAVKE Your Timezone:GMT+1 I DON T HAVE PARTNER I AM NOOB
  6. Ty guys il be back soon
  7. Forum Name: SAVKE In Game Name: Gc SAVKE Admin?: Yes Your Absence's Date 05.01.2021 Your Return's Date 05.30.2021 Reason of your Absence Sorry guys my internet is broken i am in finland becouse of work and il be back soon as possible i hope that i will have my admin spot here when i come back in 20days
  8. Happy birthday soory for being late wish you all best
  9. Honestly never played nothing i started to play cs one and a half year ago
  10. i had lag also bloody helped me few days ago
  11. just look at this vide in the end master of knife doin hes job just take look
  12. SAVKE ❤️


    1. SAVKE


      ❤️ say no hommo

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