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  1. Congratzz hemito
  2. @ GronEdson @ Xtrem u guys were jealous bcz of my gameplay.. right xtrem
  3. You are in love with me i think @ GronEdson you just cant forget me
  4. do you want me to come and kill you everytime like the old days
  5. Man when i had my prev config file u guys were kid infront of me specialy @ Xtrem
  6. Cmon dragili u r my knife kill dont go. but seriously had a lot of fun playing with u rushing to the b tunels, hope you will be back soon gonna miss u noob
  7. Congratzzz boyzzz
  8. Hahah @ BloodyPro
  9. Cmon man dont say u learn from hemo, he knows nothing chiki u remember we first played with each other in gungame and i was winning all the rnds and u was like wtf hacker Gonna miss u bro, waiting fr ur return
  10. @ ninjakayz pls share that train map moment @ Xtrem do u remember ?
  11. Forum Name: MaNI In Game Name: GC ‘ MaNI Admin?: All lol Your Absence's Date 02/20/2021 Your Return's Date Dont know Reason of your Absence I have to find a good job and i dont know how much time its gonna take bt i was playing cs day so thats why i have to take this decision. M gonna miss all u guys specially (stfu ). Make a bot named mani so that u can keep on rocketing me, xtrem dont say anything :D
  12. Just fuck offf @ ramb012 shut up nd fk off dont say anything to gc or shado i only know without shado i wudnt hv met my bros if gc admins asked me to do something i will do it dsnt matter if its shado bloddy xtrem ferr hemo etc they all are my familyy. Only becz of gc i started playing cs again and i will do whatever to keep this community alive just dont comment now pls @ BloodyPro ban him. And i dont want to know who is he he must be some spoil brat who dont want to see this community live again if you are with us since lgk then tell us ur name then speak it seems like u r nt man jst a coward person who can speak only with fake account lool poor guy
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