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  1. Welcome to the forum DUMBASS
  2. Take care and best of luck on the exam! remember to HYDRATE AND TAKE OCCASION REST! water is key for you to maintain the focus. Goodluck, i hope you do well.
  3. Its nice to see all the cast back and also on top, during this pandemic people has been low and depress. nice to have this lightly jokes movie but Of course expectation as a sequel is not there, still something in my opinion
  4. Ah the Hacker ! Welcome brother
  5. Sweet, good to see its back and running.
  6. what you on about? I think wrong person. @ Xtrem don't think he recall this memory thank you very much
  7. Since day by day we getting old, I been starting to do some screenshot of favourite moments. *cough* but guys come and share under this topic like to see any videos or screenshot of your fav moments on cs. I start first Today NA Pug. not stacked. thanks
  8. if thats the case , me and him will be each other wingman then! Easy win, thanks
  9. you will show me around Canada? find me a wife there? thanks
  10. some jokes are bit "opps" since today society has change compared to the past but other than that it was okay
  11. has anyone watched this movie yet? opinions?
  12. Name: Ninja K ;) Age 26 Country: UK What are your hobbies ? Dj, FPS How did you find us ? gamertrack Favorite game : None. Me Noob.
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