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  1. ninjakayz


    Happy Birthday, your present is at de_train, please claim it thanks.
  2. Congratulation my asian brother! I would of outdrink you on that wedding day!
  3. i love you darling. thank you
  4. i dont see the difference what you just type there bro
  5. ninjakayz

    urgent help

    don't know whats wrong but i always have the option "automatically pick up powerful weapon" off which all of a sudden, whilst holding the pistol, i go and pick up a gun and tadah it get switch to the gun i picked up..... i need help. i went on config files and i see this "_cl_autowepswitch "0" ,,, so its off, so why do i still pick up my gun? help pls. thanks
  6. oh no, de_train guy got promoted! congrats haha!
  7. my asian brother, i will outdrink you one day! until then! seeya around!
  8. Welcome to the forum DUMBASS
  9. Take care and best of luck on the exam! remember to HYDRATE AND TAKE OCCASION REST! water is key for you to maintain the focus. Goodluck, i hope you do well.
  10. Its nice to see all the cast back and also on top, during this pandemic people has been low and depress. nice to have this lightly jokes movie but Of course expectation as a sequel is not there, still something in my opinion
  11. Ah the Hacker ! Welcome brother
  12. Sweet, good to see its back and running.
  13. what you on about? I think wrong person. @ Xtrem don't think he recall this memory thank you very much
  14. Since day by day we getting old, I been starting to do some screenshot of favourite moments. *cough* but guys come and share under this topic like to see any videos or screenshot of your fav moments on cs. I start first Today NA Pug. not stacked. thanks
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