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  1. I wish you good luck in your life brother
  2. Forum Name: esteban In Game Name: GC|Esteban Admin?: yes Your Absence's Date 1/9/2021 Your Return's Date I don' know Reason of your Absence I will be busy for some time because of the school, i have some exams and proyects so i wont be able to do my job as admin on servers
  3. I wish you the best in your wedding
  4. Hi I lost my ammo packs
  5. [S] h a [D] o [W] s Get 300+ Score (1 winners) = 10k ammopacks each
  6. [G.C.Killer x x Gh0sT #$] -get 300+ Score =10k ammopacks each
  7. Ok thanks dakkar
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