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  1. I agree they should be removed, they just bored those modes.
  2. I will wait for the opinions of my colleagues to give me an idea of what to say @ Zombie Plague Admin
  3. you have a good point I didn't think about that I thought about donating aps to new users or with few ammo packs
  4. is that I was recording :v
  5. hello everyone, I wanted to give a suggestion to enable a command not only for administrators but for everyone so that each player can donate ammo packs with 1 command to help new players with few ammo packs. how about my suggestion ?
  6. I agree with ultras the red glow confuses with the madness of the zombies and I'm sorry I'm the one who uses it the most, it's my favorite color lol
  7. flash you did a good job you are a responsible, mature and active person. so in my opinion #vouch good luck
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