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  1. You're the best! I'll observe and let you know if I have more to add. Thanks bud! I miss you habibi :">
  2. I noticed that Dust2 displays a lot (to me) unnecessary AMX messages. eg : joining/leaving players, rankstats and more. Did some test earlier : https://streamable.com/5wez3s VS an almost clutter-free in-game HUD - https://streamable.com/jkkfhq What I'd like to suggest is make these commands a "Toggle to show" feature instead of constantly showing while playing. Or at least, show them only when spectating/dead. That jittery effect while throwing nade is what caught my attention. + more. (spray transfer, bhop while holding an awp) Removing them partially wouldn't hurt, but I guarantee you guys, it will make a huge difference in terms of game smoothness. @ shado
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