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  1. Since I have recovered your previous account, should it be deleted? How are you going to be 18 if in 2019 you were 17, don't take your age @ Int3nseKill3er xD
  2. @ debarshab Congratulations, for your pregnancy and also for the marriage
  3. They put you back into the veterans group, you should be in the banned.
  4. I liked the watermark style, but I miss you naruto shipudden I made these 2 .. if you improve the one from Naruto shipudden
  5. @ Fadi You can introduce a background from Naruto Shipudden .., do not change the size is for my twitter. Put in the name: GronEdson2
  6. @ Fadi You could put a background of Naruto Shipudden water in this image, do not change the size is for my twitter, Thanks.
  7. oh geez, new staff .. good for you ... too bad @ MaNI isn't here for you to abuse him, but @ Chiki & @ Enigm4 volunteered.
  8. I have not seen it but my intention is to see admins practicing their response, you can already issue a comment to another admin (in this case an example) or a person who applied and was not accepted (in which I failed), the idea was practice the answer .. in a few words quote another user and give an answer as he would in an application .. so we correct some sentences for a better answer. As an example: @ Xtrem you are an active player on the server, but you have inappropriate behavior and you always try to break the rules, you are inactive on the server and 3 of your 7 reports are from clean people, try to change your behavior, follow the rules and ask for another opinion about what you consider suspicious. At the moment you do not have my support, but correct what I say so you can have a chance. #NoVouch (This is not real, it is an offer to practice) @ Chiki reads this practice and can quote me, instead of putting such a phrase you can use this, it will say the same but in a clearer way. that's where my publication goes.
  9. Hello, good morning / afternoon / evening. today I want your answer as you would in an admin application, cite the player, admin or whoever you want. The purpose of this publication is to improve your opinion in the applications, for example when they say 'you are an active player', 'I do not coincide with your schedule', etc. Here we can improve or try to have a response guide so that @Server Manager have a clearer opinion of their admins and have an evaluation of the applicant, what is good about him and what he should correct. I'll start with an example: @ esteban you are a player with a good activity on the server and forum, your behavior on the server is not very good, since by helping others obtain ammopack you break the server rules and that hurts a lot because others will use that bad example to repeat it and They will say that it is to help another person. That you must correct and follow the rules, but you are also a player who tries a lot to follow the roll of the game, you are respectful but you also fall into the game at the crossroads of insults with another player, try not to respond and notify the admin to stop the insult from the other person. Another thing, although your English needs to improve, I'm glad you tried. correct what I say and enhance the good you have, that will make us give you a chance. My decision that you are not ready at this time to apply as admin, because you have more things to correct to contribute, I hope to see you soon apply with the corrections that I tell you and that my other colleagues recommend: #NoVouch I hope to make myself understood, the person I cite will do well because he already knows more or less that he is failing or that he has to strengthen. In this way the SM will make a balance of pro and con and have a better perspective in making the decision. @ Admin @ Zombie Plague Admin @ Classic Admin @Senior Admin @ Trial Admin @ Dust2 Admin @Trial DR @Demo Reviewer
  10. I have played many games but I always return to the same one, which I enjoy more than all. Counter Strike. After L4d2, GTV, and others .. at the end I always return to CS.
  11. I attended one of those events and it was the SM and I, that same day I made the decision to resign from the server for the reasons that I already explained. JB must be a good server but for a good server to be successful it needs to have regular players and for the most part the server was only connected 1 (and it was the SM)
  12. Well earned the position .. the last time I gave my opinion of this admin was to take him into account as a senior admin but I see that he has surpassed that position, congratulations
  13. a lot of advertising, the map is very dark, the colors dislike it .. in my opinion this map is useless .. if the lighting needs to be improved a little, radically change the colors and eliminate 99% of the advertising from other communities, leaving LgK & GC
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