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  1. GronEdson


    I agree with the message, it was not necessary but since we were notified. Good day :)
  2. Sorry for your opinion but we cannot allow a complainant to coerce the opinion or decision of the staff by offering punishment money to a community administrator. I request you edit your complaint and apologize for the case. wait for the issue to be resolved. @Co-Owner @Legends @Owner @Server Manager @Staff @Veteran
  3. I am awake and enter to see the subject, in DD2 if there are many who do autobhop, it is easy to detect .. their jump is abnormal. I will look for a video that had where you can see the difference .. how normal those who use autbhop have wallhack and they ban it for the second
  4. I just gave positive in the covid-19 test, with this step the Doctor on duty can send me to my house to recover, I had surgery in Ecuador and my house in Peru (distance 1 hour) ... I want to thank the who gave me their support. @ Admin @Leader @Legends @Server Manager @Owner @Staff @Veteran @ Demo Reviewer
  5. Yes, everything went well .. it seems that they had given me a beating but now evolving better .. I will be a few days of observation and then they will transfer me to my house.
  6. here stealing the wifi, a little dizzy. just pass by to say hello.
  7. I am heading to hospital and in less than 12 hours I must be in the operating room, if everything goes well I will be writing to you on the weekend, Greetings to all!
  8. Well I just wanted to inform that these days I will have an operation, according to the doctors it is simple but very expensive, it is 1 of 2 operations that I must perform this month .. for the moment I have already covered the cost of the first one. I had an accident 1 month ago that left an object in my stomach. It is in an area where a specialist is needed .. that's why I have taken a private person and sold myself even the relics .. Another operation is on my leg, it also has to be deprived because the state hospital is crowded and would have to wait on the waiting list for months. I
  9. put more animated icons, kisses remind me of 2005
  10. I see the comments that you are leaving, sorry it gave me fatigue to read the encyclopedia you put, go to achieve your goals and if you have to return ... let it be soon
  11. Finally you will stop spamming the steam .. go and fix the problems and come back recharged
  12. welcome, we hope you help to solve the automatic appearance
  13. pure pervert greetings, you should hide the issue, there are minors in the community and ban the perverts Enigma and Chiki. H.D. @ Chiki
  14. actually yeah, they make me shit renegade .. one watching Netflix quiet.
  15. Each player is free to choose which community they want to belong to, they are not forbidden, at least I do not see anything wrong with them playing on other servers, that they are not on our blacklist. I don't see anything wrong with registering either, if you try to be an admin, be sure to come to the community and ask for your demotion .. if they don't do it, you deserve to be banned in both communities. I have played in several communities and out of respect for the community I have always used the tag 'GC', I have also removed the tag on the server that does not allow the use of tag f
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