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  1. noooooo daniel noooooooooooooooooo
  2. In-Game Name: sander; GMT -3
  3. eyo yo take care manito
  4. This must be a joke or something cuz it's has no sense lmao. Xixor was a good admin, always asking, asking for help in steam, fun in the server with their spanish homies, enough. o/ ATTE: gc'ahead Greetings from Buenos Aires-Argentina
  5. Wow man, good luck in your new adventure.
  6. AHeaD

    Dedication Award

    Nah, nobody would ever say "piratas informáticos" xD next time just say "hackers", it's better and ofc they can understand you better, but hey! the google translate did a good job there are almost no errors, and it is readable. Nice @Hemo for taking care of people who can't speak english! keep it up buddy it's really appreciate.
  7. Forum Name: AHeaD In Game Name: gc`ahead Admin?: Demo Reviewer 4ever!. Your Absence's Date 7/18/2020 Your Return's Date Idk Reason of your Absence Alright, firts of all I came here because i really wanted to help this clan/comu/family.... there was a fact that only Me and Danger was reviewing stuff.. Now we have new drs and I'm sure that these new drs will do a great job :). The other reason was the fact that i'm getting a little bit boring of CS and i'm really busy with my work and i'm still studying. Thanks to oldgamer to let me be a part of this again, he knows what happened to me in the past, i keep thanking you for that. Ofc i'm letting my spot to a new dr, go and check it out my bois, you'll get my big vouch!. Thanks GC/LgK.
  8. I talked to him in spanish, the best way lol
  9. Y'all made a great job, congratz.
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