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  1. Dantes

    Gamer Club

    Remember you can use it for whatever you want
  2. I'm glad to see how you grew up in this community, i hope you'll come back soon, you were doing a great job
  3. Fighting over bullshit, amazing
  4. I think your application is for dust2, but we await your response
  5. @ Shark Added as permanent DR.
  6. I agree with you, the players have complained a lot. Will there be ways to fix it? @ BloodyPro @ oldgamerOG It would also be nice to have the automatic respawn again, it would be a great help to the server.
  7. I have not seen anyone use the invisible glow, but if someone does, just do this, it is not that complicated.
  8. I'm back to help

    1. Xtrem


      yeee, great news


    2. Sharky




  9. I never saw anyone abuse the glow
  10. Congratulations bro
  11. Y por que carajos hace esto después de tanto tiempo? nadie te conoce aquí y a nadie le importaría que te fueras
  12. Yes, he was one of our administrators, if he has a good activity he has my #Vouch
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