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Server Rules

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Server Rules

No Hacking / Scripting 
Players are not allowed to use any kind of cheat [Wallhack, Bhop Script, Strafe Hack, etc.] this will lead to a permanent ban. 

No Racism 
Racism is strictly disallowed in our servers such as racist names or insulting someone's religion. You must respect other players religions/countries otherwise you will be gagged/banned. 

No Ghosting 
If a player is killed and he's spectating, he cannot use his microphone/steam/admin-chat to inform another player/friend/admin was exactly other players are. 

No Advertising 
Players are not allowed to advertise other communities website/server IP's. Including their names/chat/microphone. This will lead to gag/nick change/ban. 

No Spamming Chat 
Do not spam/flood servers chat (say, say_team) with useless comments. Do not spam admin-chat (say_team @) with comments such "hello, how are you", "hey what did you watch yesterday on tv?". This command should be used only to report cheaters. 

No Disrespecting Other Players 
Respect other players in the server and don't insult anybody, any excuses such "I'm just kidding" won't be tolerated. 

No Abusing of Map Glitches/Exploits 
This applies to all servers exploiting map glitches to gain an unfair advantage. 

You Cannot Speak any Language other than English on the Microphone
Only English is allowed on the mic, we are an English speaking community. This can be annoying for players that do not understand especially if you're being noisy. 

Using hyper scroll for bunny-hopping is not allowed and will lead to a ban.

Any porn or offensive sprays are prohibited.

Impersonation, meaning pretending to be someone else by using their name / claiming you are will lead to a name change and other necessary punishments.

You may not spectate in the server if the server is full and has an admin actively banning hackers when necessary. You may be kicked for violating this rule.



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