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  1. Bump! Hi its me again ya i know i am annoying. Welcome to our JailBreak Section where you can find everything about and for our JailBreak Mod Server. AS you can see this topic was made months ago and noone reply to it so i was thinking is there any JailBreak Player left. Our Dear Owners and Developers made us new JailBreak Mod but should we keep it or just throw it away and not waste more money on servers like this. We all have been working hard for this community to stay alive and we will keep on doing it. I need to know only one thing. Should we keep our JailB
  2. i am :D sorry for offtipic coz of this nab owner sorry
  3. huh i thought @ BloodyPro dosnt have any friends Welcome <3
  4. My boy has grown so big. I remember the first day when you came to this community not knowing any rule . I am so proud of you my boy and thanks for everything that you have done for this community. Wish you all the best in your life and hope everything will be in good way. Take care of your self boy
  5. You are always loved and never forgotten may your soul rest in peace my dear FRIEND
  6. are you kidding me wtf is this for real this noob dosnt even know how to open his cs .... jk jk congratz my boy
  7. MaffyOZ'z


    nice one @ Mero
  8. MaffyOZ'z


    Hello GamerClub members. I would like someone who knows his stuff around video creating/editing to make me a short video from our JailBreak server (GamePlay) with some cool musice. Got this idea from a friend who made his server 20 hours a day 32/32 players. Video should be under 60sec. There will be a price if someone can do this kind of video. Thank you Maffy~ @Members @ Admin @VIP @Veteran @ Trial DR @ Trial Admin @Legends @Senior Admin @Server Manager @Staff @Leader @Developer
  9. Pls tell me that this is one of your jokes that you made year ago
  10. Awesome Congratz buddy all the best
  11. i know i am really annoying but tomorrow ill be at work We got some problems so i have to work tomorrow too i am really sorry for delaying this tournament you can remove me from it if you can find someone to play with cKy if not ill be home after 8PM gmt +1 So Sorry
  12. Wish you all the best in your life buddy
  13. @ Daniel my dear friend i wish you all the best in your life mate ( this summer i am coming to Saranda so make sure your phone is on when i call you ) @ BloodyPro Gratz my mate keep on doing the good work proud of you
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