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  1. i know i am really annoying but tomorrow ill be at work We got some problems so i have to work tomorrow too i am really sorry for delaying this tournament you can remove me from it if you can find someone to play with cKy if not ill be home after 8PM gmt +1 So Sorry
  2. Wish you all the best in your life buddy
  3. @ Daniel my dear friend i wish you all the best in your life mate ( this summer i am coming to Saranda so make sure your phone is on when i call you ) @ BloodyPro Gratz my mate keep on doing the good work proud of you
  4. ill go with @ Dr.ICE i am working too Sunday will be good if its not problem
  5. " @ Albertoto most experienced person " my b*tt what dose he know about jb pff jk my mate keep on growing I was waiting for this day for long time
  6. @ Hemo that was my rank :@ Congratz mate
  7. So that means i can get his rank now ? @Owner @Co-Owner
  8. who cares if he has a B-Day pfff..
  9. to get some attention @ shado
  10. Name: Your Dear MaffyOZ Age 25 Country: Republic of Macedonia What are your hobbies ? I would like to say that i am glad to see you guys still up and running it means alot to me that you keep this online family in good shape best regards to all <3 <3 ill be joing the servers from time to time And who da heck removed my JB :/ :/ it was really fun abusing there :/ How did you find us ? online classes Favorite game : work
  11. I fully agree with @Daniel & @RedBuLL And as a Server Manager of JailBreak Server that rules will not be removed. Thanks for understanding.
  12. @UNPeaceKeeper already has steam cs 1.6 from my giveaway
  13. Damn i was thinking @shado was old. Welcome buddy and thanks for the support
  14. MaffyOZ'z


    lets try this way
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