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  1. Pls make a new gaming pc giveaway pls pls boss pls
  2. Finally someone who likes jailbreak ffs
  3. Just fking take the credits and dont leave to this blood thirsty animals.. You will say yess i did it noone helped me!! ( Thank me later when you understand) Its a pleasure to have a smart head like you with us <3 <3
  4. holy fk man did you just asked and answered 5 questions alone ? are you drunk or natural drunk :D :D Welcome to GamerClub enjoy your stay with us <3 <3
  5. Happy B-Day @Hemowish you all the best in your life How old are you now 21?
  6. Happy Birthday MaffyOZ'z!

    1. MaffyOZ'z


      Thank you buddy ❤️❤️

    2. Sharky


      @MaffyOZ'zSorry for delay, Hbd <33

  7. I would like moderators to close this topic after all noone was nominated. Even after throwing 100$ on event noone replied here. Thanks alot The money from the event will be donated to the community shortly after i fix my bank account. regards maffyoz
  8. MaffyOZ'z

    Guess What!

    Happy Birthday Oldy @ shado
  9. Cmoon shado this is starting to get annoying....
  10. I love Indonesia <3 Welcome buddy :)
  11. JailBreak Event vol.2 has already started. BUT do not make me close it before it even starts i havnt see any jailbreak player in it .... So please help me revive this great mod and lets have fun in it. regards~ JailBreak Management Team
  12. Hello dear Members. First of all i know i am not good topic writer but lets try :) I would like to announcement our newest JailBreak Event who is starting from 01/10/2021. This event is like the one before i did year ago i think not sure but more bigger. We will be choosing again one Top Warden of the month and one Top Rebeler of the month basically we will have 2 winners of this event who will be chosen by our JailBreak Players. Lets start with what will be winners getting. ( Both ) 50$ USD each ( thay can choose how thay want to get it paypal/steam game/donate to
  13. Welcome to the Yellow Team buddy <3
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