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Kayney 's Admin Application for Zombie Plague.

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  • Server
    Zombie Plague
  • In game name
    GC | Kayney
  • Country
  • Age
  • Steam ID
  • How well can you speak english
  • How many hours can you play every day
  • Have you been admin before ?
  • Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin?
    I think i'm ready to be permanent admin after i'm passed the demo request.
  • Link all the player reports you’ve made on the forum:
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  • Staff

This isn't about pass the test, but it's a important thing? yeah ofc, but you could ban speed hackers only and pass the test anyway, you need to know how to catch autobhop/scripts cheaters, if you ban some of those and you get them dirty we can be sure that you will be able to handle it when you become permanent 

Being said, to have my vouch for perm i want you to catch some autobhop/script cheaters and ofc rule breakers 

I will still vouch for 2 weeks for trial cuz you helped us with donations and you are a old player, you deserve the chance

If you get accepted as trial, be supa active in server and if you need help feel free to ask me, since i don't sleep im able to help lol


Good luck with you application


@ Zombie Plague Admin

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Hi Kayney

I think the same as chiki, you have to catch autobhop / scripters, I will reply 2 more weeks too, use f5 to find autobhop, good luck

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Well @ Kayney ,

I just checked that this is your request for permanence, which you have been on trial for 2 weeks!
It is interesting what @ Chiki  says, you are also very active!
but .In my opinion!
I've seen you play but not as an admin, but as a player!
What I mean: that you simply play and I don't see that you put 100% of your part, the admin is there to support, to give equity, to be on the lookout when there is a hacker etc, to vote when necessary.
I know you are very good at playing, I would love to see you on the team, but I want to see you not only as a human that you only play, but that you kill, verify the hackers.

-after your 2 weeks we will make a final decision.
I would like to extend 2 more weeks for you.
You will have time to find cheats, fairness between teams and most of all have fun as both human and zombie!
do not hesitate to ask the zp team for anything!

Please extend 2 more weeks of testing and close topic!  @Leader @Staff

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