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  1. we aint using dd2 shit LOL , on dd2 do u get extra armor on lvls ? no do u get ammo packs when u lvl up ? no its just the same ranks names cuz we couldnt come up with better ones.
  2. shutup , 5 4 3 2 1 and zero when ur back ?
  3. BloodyPro


    Happy birthday xtreem , enjoy ur day turning 13 ?
  4. Welcome khader !!! Finaly you joined after 2 months of talking... Guys , he's one of my real friends , so treat it as u treat me !! Please everyone welcome him @Co-Owner @ Admin @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Donator @Leader @Legends @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Server Manager @Staff @ Trial Admin @Veteran @VIP
  5. @ Pwnography your access gonna be suspended for 1 week. i hope after this week everything gets back to normal , and also i dont want such bans to appear on the banlist after you get ur access back. @ glowstiq , i dont want u to try to get in-contact with pwno , in anyway , just play like he's not there and dont try to be in the server he is in. Locked for 1 week to see how things goes.
  6. Wait what??? @ Pwnography even if hes following u , but still u cant ban him since he didnt say any shit to u , wtf is that reason bro , we tlaked about it , dont do any shit if he didnt talk shit to u
  7. We talked with pwno and with the others , both sides must LAY DOWN , and not talk to each other in-game. any RULES BREAKING/ABUSING, from any of you , i will take a srs action! Moved.
  8. For now, STEAM_0:0:43986832 , This steamid for Ninja is unbanned. since he's not blacklisted from GC. @ Pwnography We need to talk before i take any actions please.
  9. The case is clear and enough for everyone locked. decision will be made today.
  10. That's called "lagging" i get that spikes also from time to time , its not a thing u caan control. also its not aa good reason to keep transfering him to "spec". im not saying he wasnt wrong , he was but only when he insulted u at the end cuz u kept transfering him to spec. so u were wrong at the start , and then he started insulting. all u can say is , "Fix your laag please" and not specing or even using any other commands on him. @ glowstiq , as i said , u were wrong when u insulted him at the end , so please keep insultingg away anytime with any admin or any playe
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