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  1. Oh drama began LOL , stop asking to be admin on every new server we open , and doesnt mean if the server ur admin on is not active then u dont try invting players to it , ur just here to be an ADMIN and get power on each server , and i dont like this type of pllayers which only looking for POWERS , your only welcomed as a normal player here for now , until u grow up and become mature enough.
  2. @Veteran @VIP @Staff @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Legends @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Server Manager
  3. Hey, Im here to announce that we had made some changes in our Staff+ Team, We have made these changes to make GamerClub better , With the changes we implement into the new System , which works like this Leader : He will be Overlooking and Controling our Staff team from now on, to lead Staff Members and the Community into a better Gaming Community. And this Leader Gonna be @ Xtrem , He's been doing a great job for GC , so he will be our only Leader . @ GoOoD , Gonna be moved back to Veteran , Since he's busy with life , hope he's back ASAP. @ Hemo , Gonna be moved to Staff , He's not being "Demoted" bcoz he's not doing his job , But he's doing a great job and he's active enough on our Servers/Fourms , but we have chosen @ Xtrem to lead our Staff team From now on. @ Dr.ICE , @ xAXOTO , You both are keeping your ranks OFC , since ur already doing a great job with your activity on Forums/Servers , and besides that your donation monthy to keep GC Alive. Regards, GamerClub Mangement Team.
  4. had a great time working with u @ GoOoD , Good luck in real life , and hope u will be back as u told us ASAP
  5. Hey, Dear all Jailbreak players , Im here to announce that i will be giving prizes for : Most Active player on the server ( Each 1 week ) Best Commander ( Each 1 week ) Best Rebeler ( Each 1 week ) The Prizes will be 2000 Coins each to nominate your best Commander && Rebeler , post down in this topic with the name of each. @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Legends @Members @Senior Admin @Server Manager @Staff @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR @Veteran @VIP
  6. Ur spamming over 2651 ammo packs? Get in the server in 10 mins and i will give it to u
  7. @ Albertoto N/A N/A N/A @ MaffyOZ'z N/A N/A
  8. @ Daniel , Good luck in ur life , hope u success with ur new studies and come back as soon as possible with us here. And thx for the great words u just said , and thanks for giving me the chance to replace u as an owner here
  9. @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Legends @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Staff @Server Manager @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR @Veteran @VIP
  10. Congratz bro hope u have a happy life together forever :))
  11. Good Luck bro in ur life you wanna resign ? or u coming back soon ?
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