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  1. @ Kala5hn1k0v will take my place with @ PussHole .
  2. @ GoOoD thank you for your service and was great working with you. Door is open for you when you come back. Good luck with your studies and real life. Appreciate everything you've done for us.
  3. Hey douchebag stop promoting other community servers in our forums. Banned.
  4. The more I think about this... the more sad I am. These admins never knew what what we been through @ Daniel to revive GC. This fucking sucks. December of 2019 when we got ddos and you said you were quitting, I'm quitting, oldgamer was quitting and we each made SURE we weren't quitting. I'm really sad bro. Really sad... This is rough for me.
  5. Well this is both depressing and happy for me. @ Daniel we have been through a lot. I was actually going to leave CS until you asked me to join you as owner to revive GC. Wasn't sure at first, but I don't regret it one bit. We have been through so much shit man... sucks you're leaving. Life first though of course. To @ BloodyPro congrats and I wouldn't have thought anyone can do a better job taking over @ Daniel place except you. You have done so much for GC in such a short time and that's why I made you Co-owner and believe 100% @ Daniel made the right decision. Look forward working with you.
  6. welcome my high school friend to GC. My brother for over 20 years. Be good to him or I will ban you,
  7. stfu and see you in a month.
  8. @ Daniel leggo Team Owner
  9. looks different from your profile picture....
  10. and please don't talk about yourself in the 3rd person. "I would like you to track and defeat "JRRM23" , doing so requires: "JRRM23" -Outfrag him by 20 points (0/20) -A screenshot of you infecting/killing him (0/3) times"
  11. How about I rocket you 20 times so you're 0/20? Difficulty: -1 million / 10
  12. me and @ Daniel . team owners Est time for me
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