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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJaB-QDkdfN9fNhe1Vrm19A Do it now.
  2. Sup Stone accepted as Trial admin. Access will be give and in next 2 weeks please do what you're doing. Apply for perm and we'll see at that time. Thanks again for the help and support.
  3. Sup GC Fam, Happy New Year to all of yall! Hope your dreams and goals come true in 2022!! TO ALL OF OUR MEMBERS AROUND THE WORLD CHEERS! Also @Daniel just reminded me: SO YALL HAPPY 3TH YEAR OF GC!
  4. shado

    Pwn Demotion

    @MaffyOZ'z tf you still alive?
  5. shado

    Pwn Demotion

    You can pm me for details. It was necessary.
  6. PWN has been demoted and banned from GC. BAD BANS over and over, excuses over and over again. Heads up, don't matter if you donated, and what rank you are. IF you abuse your power. we're not cool with it. Regardless of your rank.
  7. This is not CS, this is real life. 1- Did you go to school for any of these 2- If you did go to school for any of these openings, I want to see a resume of each position which history of at least 2 years + in each position. Every single one of these positions expect for warehouse managements need a 2 year college degree in that particular field. Do you have that? I said above, serious people only and I'm really offering a real job that pays $60,000 USD a year. This is not about counter-striker and admin or w/e shit.You AND NO. You can not "enter" these jobs. You have
  8. Segurity your response is the type that made me not want to post on here. We are looking for serious candidates with experience in these fields. You want all 3? I bet you have no idea what they are and 0 experience in them. Just stop.
  9. Sup GC Fam!! I just started working at a fashion company here in NYC, USA as the Director of Finance. Company link is reasonclothing.com. It's basically hip-hop / streetwear. We hire people all over the world to work for us. Now we're looking for more people to work with us. So if you're interested please message me first, we'll talk and then if it goes well I want to check your resume. Positions we're looking for: -Graphic Designer -Warehouse Management -E-commerce / Social Media Don't come at me if you're 15 and just trolling because I will ban your ass. And you
  10. Welcome, heard you are @Danielsidechick. I'm JK- Welcome to the community.
  11. Tell us more about your life. JK, please don't- welcome to GC.
  12. LMAO @tojo_ninja Take all the time in the world and come back in Jan. That means 2 weeks @Dr.ICE
  13. stfu you're banned from leaving.
  14. Why ask me? I'm busy with work and I don't handle ZP. Ask @Xtrem. @oldgamerOGstop giving me unnecessary work, you ass who sleeps in servers all day.
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