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  1. shado


    happy birthday @ Xtrem my brother. Glad you're with GC. Wouldn't want you in any other community.
  2. At this point I'm pretty fucking tired of this drama shit. I was getting married and the only fucking shit I'm tag up on are these bullshit drama. I'm seriously done with this shit. Grow the fuck up and play a kids game OR don't play in GC OR I'll ban you all. @ Pwnography @ Norgan stoneninja @ glowstiq
  3. I will be getting married this Sunday on 8/29. See you next week HOES.
  4. Now the freestyle rap to CS: @ 10:18
  5. I love rap and this rapper is probably one of the best I've seen. Watch him freestyle to a Valorant gameplay. Starts at 18:07
  6. Hemoito my boy take care of yourself, going to miss you!
  7. shado

    Rip River

    You are still here Rivers. Always GC.
  8. Hello All, This topic is for our old DR and admin. He remained loyal to us from LGK to GC. Some of you were lucky enough to meet him and it saddens me to say our old friend @ riVEEEEEEEER aka @ river gc passed away a little more than a month ago. Only 19 years old, too young. Rip little bro. You will always be part of LgK / GC.
  9. aren't you jun wang? why do you have a new account?
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