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  1. nice gonna spend time there
  2. mircea


    well i have forgot my user name password for steam now i should find a way to get in . any way thx dakka for valuable info
  3. @ Hemo take care kid good luck with studies . be happy and healthy always . waiting for ur return bye bye love u brother
  4. congrats !!! use this time and gain dr skills as much as possible . hope see u as perm dr soon
  5. many more happy returns of the day chiki !!! may all ur dreams come true . always be happy and stay healthy . love u 10000 @ Chiki
  6. dont believe this dude @ shado he will say im leaving and next month he will be back to owner he pranked me 1000 times . without him server cant run . enough man come back
  7. @ GoOoD " Et tu, Brutus " see u soon !!!!!
  8. @ LaZy @ DaKkaK congrats !!!!! learn as much as possible in this trial period
  9. c u soon . lets chill in discord btw
  10. awesome and good luck we will watch sure
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