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  1. @ GoOoD " Et tu, Brutus " see u soon !!!!!
  2. @ LaZy @ DaKkaK congrats !!!!! learn as much as possible in this trial period
  3. c u soon . lets chill in discord btw
  4. awesome and good luck we will watch sure
  5. . rambo owners here worked alot u wont know it . we are here over 4 or 5 years from lgk . there will be ups and downs . if u enjoy here when server is packed then u should stay with us and support us when we are down . this situation is not permanent it will change so be calm chill
  6. I can bring 2 or 3 players from other server when i join dd2 . but when im off server is 0/32 . admind help me with getting ppl if each admins bring 2 ppl each we will have atleast 15 players in server
  7. Welcome @ GTIChris04 thank you for help .
  8. cool cool . finally good news btw invite that master mind here @ Soviet
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