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  1. Gratz guys, rememb dont play just in d2:D
  2. I will try to sleep early this time xd
  3. )): Still can't believe you are leaving fr, wish you all the best in ur life man, hope you will be back one day and hope we can talk in discord again or play amogus together:D You will be missed, @ Daniel
  4. I don't understand a shit
  5. Team 9 two times, noice 34 players tf
  6. Yooo long time don't see u around dude Maybe u dont rememb me, nobody does sed xd Welcome back!!
  7. There is already one unban req from you in process, any staff+ trash this please
  8. Congo @ debarshab , wish you 2 a happy life !!
  9. Wish you all the best in your life !
  10. Kinda stacked, just a bit
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