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    Hey everyone! I'd like to announce that we re-opened the JB once again after a long time, this JB is different compared to the last one we had and things are much different in this server! There's alot of new features in this server which im hoping everyone will like of course. However we will still do constant updates on the server to make it more balanced as it is right now and also hotfixes, we dont want the server to be 1 sided, we would appreciate every suggestion made by every single person made in this community towards the JB, depending on how the suggestions are changes can be happening! On the other hand the requirements of being an JB admin has been updated also! The old rules still apply on this server however, make sure you check the link down below, its important to know the rules of JB if your one of the players that plays JB! Along doing the announcement of Jailbreak, we have decided that @ Albertoto is going to be our JB Server Manager since he's the most experienced person we know in this community that are active at the moment! He's also loyal and a great person also which plays a big part in to this community of course, @ Albertoto is going to work alongside the staff in charge of JB and he's going to be taking care of the server health & traffic! Welcome to the yellow team @ Albertoto glad to have you with us! TTT is also on the way to be a server in this community soon!
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    Hey, Im here to announce that we had made some changes in our Staff+ Team, We have made these changes to make GamerClub better , With the changes we implement into the new System , which works like this Leader : He will be Overlooking and Controling our Staff team from now on, to lead Staff Members and the Community into a better Gaming Community. And this Leader Gonna be @ Xtrem , He's been doing a great job for GC , so he will be our only Leader . @ GoOoD , Gonna be moved back to Veteran , Since he's busy with life , hope he's back ASAP. @ Hemo , Gonna be moved to Staff , He's not being "Demoted" bcoz he's not doing his job , But he's doing a great job and he's active enough on our Servers/Fourms , but we have chosen @ Xtrem to lead our Staff team From now on. @ Dr.ICE , @ xAXOTO , You both are keeping your ranks OFC , since ur already doing a great job with your activity on Forums/Servers , and besides that your donation monthy to keep GC Alive. Regards, GamerClub Mangement Team.
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    I want to congrat to one of the hardest working person in GC. He has been with us from the start and worked hard to make tournament and pack any server we ask him to. Thanks for all your hard work and congrats @ Hemo
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    Hi All, It is my pleasure to introduce our new Trial DRs @ LaZy and @ DaKkaK . Guys, as you know, you were given a chance to become one of the most important roles in our community. So we are expecting best results from you. Good luck. @ Admin @Senior Admin @ Demo Reviewer @Staff @Leader @Co-Owner @Owner @Members @Server Manager
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    Hey guys my weeding was done on this 19th , here you go some picture of that precious moment of my life
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    Hello everyone. I'd like to announce that we are re-working our D2 after a very long time, the reason of the re-work is because we think that its a good change in most aspects. However unfortunately the xp received in-game will be reset again because of the rank re-work aswell. The new D2 will be more competetive in lots of aspects aswell, it was also requested by alot of players and it was supported by the higher ups in this community. The new ranks are similar to the csgo ranks which make more sense than the current rank names we have right now, the higher the rank you get the more killings you need to do in order to rank up. I will be posting more information down below. Oh and i forgot to mention, the statistics are not reset! Its similar to the old D2 we had! Here you will see the CSGO ranks that the server will use from now on. Starting from Silver I to global elite. For example you just got promoted to Sliver II, and if you die afterwards again without killing someone you'll be demoted to Silver ! again, which means you'll lose xp when dying. Which makes the D2 more competetive. The higher rank, the harder it is for you to get promoted. Down below i will post the rewards of everything. Killing someone you receive = 3xp Killing someone (Headshot) you receive = 4xp Killing someone with a knife, you receive = 7xp Planting & Defusing the bomb = 4xp Suicide, you lose = -10xp Getting killed by someone, you lose = -4xp Getting killed by a nade, you lose = -5xp Getting killed by a knife, you lose = -7xp Credit goes out to @ BloodyPro thanks for making it possible! Thanks for everyone for reading and have fun in-game & and the rest of the info is in the game! Also if there is any problem there, please let us know! There might be problems after the update which is normal.
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    Hello Everyone, So we already got 32 applied members for the upcoming PUG 2vs2 Tournament, we have set Rules and Teams for the tournament. These are the rules that must be respected: Both Teams Must be in Server For their Match at the set time of their match. Replacements will be allowed If a player does not show up on time and cant come we will get you a replacement. Ghosting For the opponent team Leads to A ban or Disqualification for your team. The Pug Moderators will post a Time and Day of when the matches will be held. If the match starts at the giving time but however if the missing player said he will arrive (maximum of) 30 mins later The match will continue 30 mins later. But if he does not show up the match, the match will continue without him and the match will be played without replacement If a player wont be able to join at specified match time they are obliged to inform the tournament moderators at least 24 hours before the start. The 3 maps that will be played : map one de_inferno ,map two de_dust2, map three de_nuke . Any question please ask @ Hemo @ Xtrem @ LaZy Thank you management team Team 1: Team 2: @ shado @ Dr.ICE @ PussHole @ Hemo Team 3: Team 4: @ adxm @ Hades @ Freet 1 @ Zexter Team 5: Team 6: @ Enigm4 @ Venom018 @ AHeaD @ Skybluexd Team 7: Team 8: @ BloodyPro @ MysT1c @ Junior Venezuela @ Int3nseKill3r Team 9: Team 10: @ Sm0k3 @ AngryFace @ ~!iNdOo 最高 @ SAVKE Team 11: Team 12: @ Chiki @ xAXOTO @ Xtrem @ Frenzey Team 13: Team 14: @ GoOoD @ LaZy @ Lone Wanderer @ pokyis Team 15: Team 16: @ MaffyOZ'z @ tojo_ninja @ cKy @ 中国人民解放军 Team 17: @ Mero @ DaKkaK
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    @Veteran @VIP @Staff @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Legends @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Server Manager
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    Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys. New video Playing in our dear server Dust 2 @Senior Admin @ Trial Admin @Veteran @ Admin @ Demo Reviewer @Members @ Daniel
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    @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Legends @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Staff @Server Manager @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR @Veteran @VIP
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    hello guys we are happily to announce an 2v2 tournament where everyone can join in and fight for the win ! here is the catch. everyone is allowed to recommend their own teammates for the 2v2 . however the recommended teams will be run through with our management to check if is fair or not to sign up please write in the following standards. if you do have a partner please write down his name with your submission and make sure both you and your partner agree to be on each other teams so there wont be any altercation same name showing up in two different teams Your in-game nickname: Your Timezone: the tournament will progress in a different and new way. -the tournament will be played in a best of 3 since the games are short and fast -every team will be playing their best of 3 in a single day -winning team from first group will be played the winning team from the second group -the winning team will move on the loser team will be eliminated the management team will be keeping track of everything if you have any question regarding to the 2v2 tournament and also scheduling please message @ Xtrem @ Hemo @ LaZy plans will be rearranged for you and your team good luck everyone @Members @ Trial Admin @ Admin @Senior Admin @Veteran @Legends @ Demo Reviewer @Server Manager @Staff @Leader @Developer @Co-Owner @Owner
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    hey guys the staffs would like to hear you guys out. in the poll as you guys can see there are two options(the two votes explains itself ) and these two options are for 1v1 tournaments and 2v2 tournaments. you guys are also welcome to comment down below, because we would love to hear the community members thoughts. so please comment and let us hear you all out ! any question you can ask @ Xtrem @ Hemo @ LaZy @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Donator @Leader @Legends @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Server Manager @Staff @ Trial DR @ Trial Admin @Veteran @VIP
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    @ Daniel , Good luck in ur life , hope u success with ur new studies and come back as soon as possible with us here. And thx for the great words u just said , and thanks for giving me the chance to replace u as an owner here
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    GAMES FOR THIS WEEK ( matches for now there might be more changed tomorrow ) match four: june 13h 3pm est (please confirm asap thank you) team 11 team 6 @ Chiki vs @ Venom018 @ Xtrem @ Skybluexd june 13th sunday 2 pm est : (please confirm asap) team 3 vs team 14 @ adxm @ pokyis @ freet @ LaZy june 13th sunday 4 pm est : (please confirm asap) team 15 vs team 2 @ cKy @ Hemo @ MaffyOZ'z @ Dr.ICE June 15th Tuesday 3 pm est: (please confirm asap) team 5 vs team 12 @ Enigm4 @ Frenzey @ AHeaD @ xAXOTO june 12th satuday 2 pm est (please confirm asap) team 13 vs team 4 @ GoOoD @ Hades @ Lone Wanderer @ Zexter
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    i have made brackets for the teams as you guys can see this is what you guys will play in and looks like ( if you guys want your own custom names for your teams right below and i'll edited in for you guys) these will be the matches for now (please confirm asap !!!! message me please !) match one: june 6th 4pm est ( please confirm asap thank you) team 17 vs team 16 @ Mero @ tojo_ninja @ DaKkaK @ 中国人民解放军 match two : june 5th 2pm est ( please confirm asap thank you) team 7 vs team 10 @ BloodyPro @ AngryFace @ Junior Venezuela @ SAVKE match three: june 6th 3 pm est (please confirm asap thank you) team 8 vs team 9 @ MysT1c @ Sm0k3 @ Int3nseKill3er @ ~!iNdOo 最高 match four: june 6th 2pm est (please confirm asap thank you) team 11 team 6 @ Chiki vs @ Venom018 @ Xtrem @ Skybluexd (there will be changes maybe)
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    How about I rocket you 20 times so you're 0/20? Difficulty: -1 million / 10
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    It was on sale, S /. 90 (currency of my country) for keyboard and mouse. Its 24.5$
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    Hello Guys i just wanna give a little bit of a photos for who love the cars, - if anyone need drop a comment or contact me. - tell me what kind of the photo. - also say your name. ~GC for ever @ Zombie Plague Admin @ Admin @ Classic Admin @Staff @Owner @Developer @ Trial DR @Veteran @VIP @Legends @Leader @ Dust2 Admin @Members @Server Manager
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    On the difficult path of life we face many problems when we are powerless to change things and are obliged to obey it. I am so sorry to have to say this today but the time has come to finally leave gc, the time has come to give others a chance to take my place and be much better than I was, to learn from my mistakes and to take my good things. I am very sorry that I have to go at such an important time but there is no other way. It was a very difficult decision for me but unfortunately we cannot change anything. The time will come and I will come back, I hope that with this return I will still make someone happy and I will try to be twice as strong as I am now. I will fight with all my might to get back what we had and what belonged to us, but unfortunately my return will not be in the near future. Finally, I would like to thank all the people who have made even a very small contribution to building this great community. Personal thanks to all the people who spent their time making it safer and better for the players. Special thanks to all the people who help us with the donations to grow and improve the servers. Goodbye.
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    Hey, Dear all Jailbreak players , Im here to announce that i will be giving prizes for : Most Active player on the server ( Each 1 week ) Best Commander ( Each 1 week ) Best Rebeler ( Each 1 week ) The Prizes will be 2000 Coins each to nominate your best Commander && Rebeler , post down in this topic with the name of each. @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Legends @Members @Senior Admin @Server Manager @Staff @ Trial Admin @ Trial DR @Veteran @VIP
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    Thank you very much for giving me your confidence, I am going to give my best to make a TOP server in CS 1.6, a reference in JB. I hope we all make a good job as I am not here alone but I am surrounded by a big great team so from now on let's work!!
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    you really came back from inactivity to post this shit?
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    Me and @ shado :))))
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    All my Muslim brothers. Happy feasts to all of us. I hope we have a happy and beautiful feast with our loved ones. Happy feasts my dear Muslim brothers.
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    Name: Kala5hn1k0v Age 25 Country: US What are your hobbies ? How did you find us ? CS 1.6 Favorite game : CS 1.6
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    Name: laith Age yesterday was my 75th birthday Country: Jordan What are your hobbies ? gaming, swimming, talking to children, getting dumped by multiple imaginary girlfriends etc etc.. How did you find us ? old lgk member Favorite game : re4
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    june 5th games team 7 vs team 10 winner was team10 in a best of 3 . team 10 won on inferno and dust so team 10 will be moving on. but however there will be a slight change. with @ BloodyPro being super busy and along with @ AngryFace being inactive and has not been replying both of them will be out of the tournament. with that being said team 10 @ SAVKE and @ Junior Venezuela both of them will be on the same team and moving on in the tournament june 6th games team 17 vs team 16 the winner of this bracket is team ninja ( inferno was 8-3 dust was 8-5) team 8 vs team 9 winner of this bracket is team mystic ( inferno was 8-3 dust was 8-4) these will be the teams moving on into the next round for this week congrats guys!
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    yah my profile picture were taken when i was in collage xD , Right now i am fat man with a happy wife xD
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    In-Game Name: sander; GMT -3
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    In game name: gc'chiki #Yuri On Ice / gc'chiki #Doukyuusei / gc'chiki #Tired Of Everything /gc'chiki #Simp Of Lazy Time zone : -5 GMT lemme play with @ Xtrem xd
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    Sharky, come back................
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    There is no bug the server had an update Thursday and the stats and ranking has been reset read more about it here
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    Hello everyone, Drop me a picture so @ Fadi Can make it a spray for y'all. @ Admin @Co-Owner @ Demo Reviewer @Developer @Leader @Members @Owner @Senior Admin @Server Manager @Staff @ Trial Admin @Veteran @VIP @ Trial DR @Legends
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    I have thought about this and my main concern is the extra loading time. Many players on our servers dont always have the best internet connection so if they click to join our game and they see that they have to wait even more to time to join they might just hit exit and find another faster loading server. I know the wait won't be much but I find that some people are just very impatient lol. Thoughts @ Sniezka @ xAXOTO
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    hahahhahahhaha no i didnt reach this level yet
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    Ur spamming over 2651 ammo packs? Get in the server in 10 mins and i will give it to u
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    As everyone knows now GamerClub has his own jailbreak Server, the server will be under a 30 days trial meaning that if the time passes by and there was no activity in the server we don't have a choice but to close the server, in the mean time you can try and invite some players and try to have fun if you've any suggestions or ideas feel free to post them over here. Cheers.
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    watching the participants this tournament gets super interesting .. Good luck to all fellow players
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    @ debarshab Congratulations, for your pregnancy and also for the marriage
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