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  1. nicee, very nice. good work !
  2. Wish u all the best pro good luck in your life Saaaaad lifeeeee @ Hemo
  3. Take care man enjoy your vacation
  4. hope you get better brother, wish u all the best, Be strong. <3
  5. oh xtrem good luck in your life my guy <3 hope to see u back soon <3
  6. Oh iceyyyyyy good luck in your life bro I hope you’ll be back as soon as you can we will miss you a lot <3
  7. welcome back habibi ya nablsy <3
  8. DaKkaK

    urgent help

    so i think u should go to Options > Advanced > unmark Automatically switch to picked up weapons (if more powerful)
  9. Owwwww that looks sick great work guys <333
  10. Hello guys, I'm making this topic to let you know about a very important thing that's going on in Steam. If anyone from your friends messages you to vote for his csgo team "Quartz" at battlegod and he will send a link, when you press on this link it will take you to a page and make you sign into your Steam account. However, DO NOT log in to your account because he will have your email and your password and he will be able to enter your Steam account. If this happened to you and you have signed to your Steam account already and put the email and the password. The best solution i
  11. xD @ Hemo , good job @ debarshab
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