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  1. and congratz @ Albertoto
  2. ayo konn its me bacem welcome
  3. YESSSSS! I missed u albertotototototo <3333
  4. aw u need to hide your ip in the picture
  5. Knifed 3 people successfully boi4.dem boi.dem boi3.dem
  6. Forum Name: Legendito In Game Name: The Legend ! ツ Admin?: Admin at Zombie Plague server Your Absence's Date 15/09/2020 Your Return's Date uknown after 1 year maybe Reason of your Absence well , school will start tomorrow thus i can't do my job in server but i'll try to be online in forum. I have passed cool and fun days with you exactly when shado rockets me in d2, cya guys i love you <33
  7. Welcome , enjoy gamerclub community !
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