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  1. LaZy


    hbd man enjoy it while being young
  2. In Game Name: lazy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:45542983 Current Ammo Packs: 891 Any comments (optional): me ap please me please ap please
  3. are you sure bloody treat him as like you?
  4. best wishes to you and good luck in uni. uni is cool, fresh, new, and different. there is gonna be fun time happy time sad time stressful time. and just try enjoy every one bit of it. enjoy uni brother
  5. come back asap buddy hope to see you soon
  6. ppl in zp will miss you, the only person that truly belong in zp for our server dam come back asap
  7. the one in the screenshot @ BloodyPro and thank you for all the changes and edits for the server when i was on today something new popped up there was players said they couldnt hear the quake sounds which was weird and also this map need to be replace with a new one. map's name is called fy_snowvalley
  8. In game Name LaZy Steam ID uhhhhhhhhhh Text dm server things need to add and remove ( more suggestions and complaints in the future) 1st: please add on kill/headshot allows you to heal health/ap 2nd: please add on headshot kill reload your gun with full mag, when normal kill does not reload. 3rd: please add different game modes for example" headshot only, pistal only ,awp only ) 4th: please remove or switch positions of the red message about spawn protection, because it makes it very hard to see at the beginning when you spawn. 5th: reduce spawn protection t
  9. map/ideas suggestions (for now more to come in the future) $3000$ aim_ak_colt awp_bycaster_dust awp_concrete awp_fightyard awp_greatwalls awp_india2 awp_inferno awp_stone fy_alienation fy_dustworld2_x fy_icevalley fy_poolparty fy_snow_dino fy_snow3
  10. use code "lazyisbish" for free VIP on dd2
  11. Forum Name: LaZy In Game Name: LaZy Admin?: dd2 Your Absence's Date now Your Return's Date asap Reason of your Absence life/personal
  12. you say that but pok yesterday spend 20 mins on one dude cuz it was so hard to tell rather or not hes was auto bhoping and in the end he banned him because he thinks he is and didnt mind about him asking for a unban request. i personally saw ppl who were sus af regarding to their bhops but guess what i left them alone because i couldnt tell if hes really auto bhoping or not and i dont wanna cost no trouble with them and have them come back and do on unban request. and on top of that i banned someone a long time ago that was scripting because he was blatant af. im only saying this because the r
  13. instead of using /get to get ammo packs its just something like code for example (use code "hemo" to get ammo packs ) just something like using custom codes to ammo packs, and something that maybe for each time the custom code is used it keep tracks of who and who , and maybe the during the end of the months whos "custom code" gets used the most shows that this "admin" is proven to be the best admin during this month
  14. i dont understand this ? so its fine to have admins detect bhop/ scripts on zp but makes it not okay to detect on dd2? is there any reason that this just sounds crazy ? so pretty much its fine to script on dd2 and bhop around but for zp ofc not ?
  15. is there something you dont understand ill be more than happy to explain it to you
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