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  1. i miss my dd2 senior admin xD i was the only one there
  2. GAMES FOR THIS WEEK ( matches for now there might be more changed tomorrow ) match four: june 13h 3pm est (please confirm asap thank you) team 11 team 6 @ Chiki vs @ Venom018 @ Xtrem @ Skybluexd june 13th sunday 2 pm est : (please confirm asap) team 3 vs team 14 @ adxm @ pokyis @ freet @ LaZy june 13th sunday 4 pm est : (please confirm asap) team 15 vs team 2 @ cKy @ Hemo @ MaffyOZ'z @ Dr.ICE June 15th Tuesday 3 pm est: (please confirm asap) team 5 vs team 12 @ Enigm4 @ Frenzey @ AHeaD @ xAXOTO june 12th satuday 2 pm est (please confirm asap) team 13 vs team 4 @ GoOoD @ Hades @ Lone Wanderer @ Zexter
  3. june 5th games team 7 vs team 10 winner was team10 in a best of 3 . team 10 won on inferno and dust so team 10 will be moving on. but however there will be a slight change. with @ BloodyPro being super busy and along with @ AngryFace being inactive and has not been replying both of them will be out of the tournament. with that being said team 10 @ SAVKE and @ Junior Venezuela both of them will be on the same team and moving on in the tournament june 6th games team 17 vs team 16 the winner of this bracket is team ninja ( inferno was 8-3 dust was 8-5) team 8 vs team 9 winner of this bracket is team mystic ( inferno was 8-3 dust was 8-4) these will be the teams moving on into the next round for this week congrats guys!
  4. @ BloodyPro he will let you borrow one
  5. the 2v2 server
  6. if you live in peru that will be 1 pm your time
  7. 1 pm will be difficult since a member on the other team wont be able to make it to play. they will be available after 1 pm
  8. i have made brackets for the teams as you guys can see this is what you guys will play in and looks like ( if you guys want your own custom names for your teams right below and i'll edited in for you guys) these will be the matches for now (please confirm asap !!!! message me please !) match one: june 6th 4pm est ( please confirm asap thank you) team 17 vs team 16 @ Mero @ tojo_ninja @ DaKkaK @ 中国人民解放军 match two : june 5th 2pm est ( please confirm asap thank you) team 7 vs team 10 @ BloodyPro @ AngryFace @ Junior Venezuela @ SAVKE match three: june 6th 3 pm est (please confirm asap thank you) team 8 vs team 9 @ MysT1c @ Sm0k3 @ Int3nseKill3er @ ~!iNdOo 最高 match four: june 6th 2pm est (please confirm asap thank you) team 11 team 6 @ Chiki vs @ Venom018 @ Xtrem @ Skybluexd (there will be changes maybe)
  9. problem solve dont worry about it
  10. can u write it again because nothing is showing @ Junior Venezuela
  11. LaZy and some pok dude EST
  12. hello guys we are happily to announce an 2v2 tournament where everyone can join in and fight for the win ! here is the catch. everyone is allowed to recommend their own teammates for the 2v2 . however the recommended teams will be run through with our management to check if is fair or not to sign up please write in the following standards. if you do have a partner please write down his name with your submission and make sure both you and your partner agree to be on each other teams so there wont be any altercation same name showing up in two different teams Your in-game nickname: Your Timezone: the tournament will progress in a different and new way. -the tournament will be played in a best of 3 since the games are short and fast -every team will be playing their best of 3 in a single day -winning team from first group will be played the winning team from the second group -the winning team will move on the loser team will be eliminated the management team will be keeping track of everything if you have any question regarding to the 2v2 tournament and also scheduling please message @ Xtrem @ Hemo @ LaZy plans will be rearranged for you and your team good luck everyone @Members @ Trial Admin @ Admin @Senior Admin @Veteran @Legends @ Demo Reviewer @Server Manager @Staff @Leader @Developer @Co-Owner @Owner
  13. is all completely up to you guys. that is the exact reason i wrote this post because the staffs like to hear the community thoughts because the staffs cares about the community and its members just have a vote and give the staffs your thoughts
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