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  1. Welcome back, and nice to meet you ))
  2. Admins, As a reminder. Before vouch/no vouch/natural Please expand your opinion: - explain why do you think so - what're your expectations from applicant - why would you give a chance or not - what to fix or improve - what do you like or not Etc...... Thanks guys in advance
  3. Removed @glowstiq as of inactivity and failed on trial period.
  4. Hi daddy, nice to see you around.
  5. Application is denied for now. Please stay active and re-apply after two weeks. Closed/Moved.
  6. @FERROZO tell us what lesson did you learn.
  7. @Stay with Me you were an admin and trial dr, you left in very unexpected way. I would even say it was a bit shocking. I understand RL is a priority, but at least, you could throw quick mssg to any from DR+. As I see from your app you are focusing on evaders, you're considering non steam as a benefit. But i would like to remind you that catching evaders is just part of the duty, and there are many ways to deal with the returning cheaters. I personally would like to ask you - could you please tell us what's the difference between Game with Me as trial DR and Game with Me right now? Wh
  8. Dr.ICE

    My farewell

    Absolutely agree with @Xtrem. You always be part of GC. So sad to hear about your family. Please take care of your wife and yourself. I'm always online, mssg me any time, I will be glad to help as much as possible. Will miss you my friend, come back asap
  9. @ Dust2 Admin please share your thoughts
  10. I'm sorry, but i don't really understand. What will not happen again?
  11. I don't think that I'm a ban evader, at least I'm not aware about it. What is the first ban about?
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