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  1. I only can wish all the best! Please come back when you can, hopefully it will be very soon. GoOod luck!
  2. Hi All, It is my pleasure to introduce our new Trial DRs @ LaZy and @ DaKkaK . Guys, as you know, you were given a chance to become one of the most important roles in our community. So we are expecting best results from you. Good luck. @ Admin @Senior Admin @ Demo Reviewer @Staff @Leader @Co-Owner @Owner @Members @Server Manager
  3. All the BEST to you @ Daniel . It was a HUGE pleasure to meet you and learn from you. You always will be a LEGEND for me. And hopefully we will see you SOON. Mr. @ BloodyPro congratulations! Best wishes to you in your new journey. GC is in good hands, and it is FACT!
  4. @ LaZy can it be moved to Sunday, 4 pm? I have to be at work..
  5. Congratulations @ Albertoto . And thanks to @ BloodyPro for the hard work
  6. My English level is not that high to understand all the above, but I would like to welcome you to GC. Please have fun and enjoy your stay.
  7. @ na3em You better to explain what it is...
  8. Best wishes to you.... Come back asap.
  9. Congratulations @ debarshab Best wishes to your family!
  10. All the best to you Sniezka! До встречи!!!
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