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  2. Finally someone who likes jailbreak ffs
  3. The ban reason explains it all. You are Blacklisted in GC You can stop your excuses that your cousin used your PC, or whatever. You're not getting unbanned as long as I am in GC
  4. In game name o{beast Server Dust 2 Steam ID STEAM_0:1:629438044 Ban Reason Blacklisted Admin that banned you: BloodyPro Proof of your innocence
  5. Segurity used to be a trial admin here at past, Honestly he didn't done a great job at all for me. All you was doing is just playing and ignoring my messages, Everytime i call you u don't do your job. Your english was weak, Even the simple works like: "Hey yo, gamerclub(1) is using hack, Go check him) you don't respond. Also, You didn't provide the demos on your ban request last time. However, I think you're still not ready yet. - What i like about you is that you used to be active at past, But last week i didnt saw you there, I've checked your activity from the stats and
  6. Banned by our senior admin @Lil TwinitoIn-Game. Thanks for reporting, Closed/Moved.
  7. Cheater's Name GamerClub.NeT (6) Cheater's Steam ID VALVE_1:0:975071335 Server Zombie Plague Describe the hacker AutoBhop Proof / Demo gcsix.dem Proof 2 (if you have it): gcsix2.dem Proof 3 (if you have it): Proof 4 (if you have it): Proof 5 (if you have it):
  8. Happy Birthday Memory!

  9. Welcome back, and nice to meet you ))
  10. Yesterday
  11. I agree with gaziantepsporlu #VOUCH2WEEKSTRIAL I would like to give you a chance and show us that you can do a good job I have faith in you, I would also like to see you more active and I don't like to see people give up so easily, put a little more than effort man good luck :D
  12. I still have some doubts but that could be solved when I see you act #2weektrial s urprise me boy Good luck friend
  13. Admins, As a reminder. Before vouch/no vouch/natural Please expand your opinion: - explain why do you think so - what're your expectations from applicant - why would you give a chance or not - what to fix or improve - what do you like or not Etc...... Thanks guys in advance
  14. Hello @MrSegurity if you're will come back and stay active i'll give vouchfor#2weeks trial admin you. Your previous trial administration wasn't very good, but you say you learned from your mistakes. I'm on the side of giving you a chance to see what you can do in your admin this time. I hope you will be active on the server and I hope you will do great things and get permanent admin. #Vouchfor2weekstrialadmin Good luck for ur apply :)
  15. @ KnigthGood afternoon, the only mistake was because I didn't know English, which I started to practice, that's why I wasn't mostly connected, and I do play for 5 hours. uwu
  16. Hello, how are you, hmmm ... I haven't seen you for several months and the first day you show up, the first thing you decide is to apply, which does not show if you have learned from your mistakes or have learned English, and your activity does not indicate that you are on the server 5 hours a day which leaves me in doubt, I will wait for the opinions of my fellow administrators to at least have an idea of what to say.
  17. Welcome back brother. Glad to see you back
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