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  1. VAC ban csgo only I am steam? 1 year ago Fps 250 - 300 only
  2. LOL FAMILY @ OG Snax
  3. couple things happend over the break that i'd really that's barely believable i don't even know if ican say anything at this point that will actually match how incredible that is i don't know what to say other than so much like i wish there was join someting more i could do another thing that happened was this play steam hit Six years ago on play Lgk to be more specific this cs1.6 was made on 2015 October 23 in my head like Six years on lgk is a long time Six years man a lot happens in Six years i mainly wanted to make this just to kind of have a proper send off and from cs1.6 or Steam account i fell like it's Really bittersweet because on one hand i'm extremely excited to now go and work and you know kind of move on to the next chapter of this account i'm really excited and hope you guys love what's to come next but you know on the other hand i wouldn't have been at all where i am today if it weren't for cs1.6 i owe so much of it to cs1.6 and to the Community as weel i got such an unbelievable amount of support especially on my latest Lgk where i said i don't want to play steam or cs1.6 anymore and the response was noting but support everyone understood and that felt so good Thank you i feel like that could have gone many differents ways but everyone was so understanding and i just realized sir azlat is giveing you guys the right now okay another thing a lot of people ask if Palestine lot is no longer a thing he's right here he's doing fine it kind of brings me to another thing i wanted to say i would like to clarify just because i'm stopping cs1.6 doesn't mean i'm putting a stop to everything else that was going on the show is still in production season two is well underway i'll prove it right now Okay
  4. Name: don't shut up you Age 100 Country: Arabic only What are your hobbies ? shut up noob people changer name na3em you ip addres hack stop.. Hey believe this like you are literally right after finished pc uploaded today got my game back, I don't even know gc Really Crazy admin banned gstafe me ? How did you find us ? not love gc Favorite game : cs1.6 + Star wars + Minecraft + GTA 5 + YOUTUBE
  5. Welcome to Gamerclub. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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