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  1. Please Confirm guys as soon as possible @ Enigm4 @ AHeaD @ Frenzey @ xAXOTO
  2. Thank you GoOoD for everything you have done, was a pleasure working with you. Hope you get back asap
  3. Gonna miss u @ Daniel Good luck with your life
  4. Welcome To GamerClub! Have fun
  5. Hello Everyone, So we already got 32 applied members for the upcoming PUG 2vs2 Tournament, we have set Rules and Teams for the tournament. These are the rules that must be respected: Both Teams Must be in Server For their Match at the set time of their match. Replacements will be allowed If a player does not show up on time and cant come we will get you a replacement. Ghosting For the opponent team Leads to A ban or Disqualification for your team. The Pug Moderators will post a Time and Day of when the matches will be held. If the match starts at the giving time but however if the missing player said he will arrive (maximum of) 30 mins later The match will continue 30 mins later. But if he does not show up the match, the match will continue without him and the match will be played without replacement If a player wont be able to join at specified match time they are obliged to inform the tournament moderators at least 24 hours before the start. The 3 maps that will be played : map one de_inferno ,map two de_dust2, map three de_nuke . Any question please ask @ Hemo @ Xtrem @ LaZy Thank you management team Team 1: Team 2: @ shado @ Dr.ICE @ PussHole @ Hemo Team 3: Team 4: @ adxm @ Hades @ Freet 1 @ Zexter Team 5: Team 6: @ Enigm4 @ Venom018 @ AHeaD @ Skybluexd Team 7: Team 8: @ BloodyPro @ MysT1c @ Junior Venezuela @ Int3nseKill3r Team 9: Team 10: @ Sm0k3 @ AngryFace @ ~!iNdOo 最高 @ SAVKE Team 11: Team 12: @ Chiki @ xAXOTO @ Xtrem @ Frenzey Team 13: Team 14: @ GoOoD @ LaZy @ Lone Wanderer @ pokyis Team 15: Team 16: @ MaffyOZ'z @ tojo_ninja @ cKy @ 中国人民解放军 Team 17: @ Mero @ DaKkaK
  6. Congratz debarshab Wish u both a happy life
  7. Your in-game nickname: GC | Hemo Timezone GMT + 2
  8. Current Members List: Hemo Xtrem Lazy Pokyis Daniel Frenzey Zexter xAXATO Engim4 Hades Venom Dakkak Shado Sky dr.ice GoOoD Lone Wanderer Chiki 中国人民解放军 freet adxm mero sander junior venezuela tojo_ninja savke angryface bloodypro smok3 lindo maffy cky
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