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  1. @ AxEl Added as Permanent Admin congrats @ Belzebub Added as donator, thank you for your purchase.
  2. Zombie Plague Server Manager not available
  3. Thank you for everything you've done for us @ GoOoD You'll see, when you get back we will be the top 1 cs1.6 community! Good luck with your life now
  4. What money? For what I see you never bought any ap. I will be home in 2 hours if I see you playing I'll give you. Also be respectful and patience or you ain't getting aps at all
  5. Congratulations guys! GoodLuck on these 3 weeks
  6. @ D E M O N How did you lose the aps? What exactly happened? Did you re-install counter strike, or installed steam cs, or what Because the ammo packs don't disappear in all of a sudden
  7. @ Daniel It was a great pleasure to have you in this community, its so sad to see you leaving us... But I understand and the hardest choices require the strongest wills right.... I wish you all the best for your life, and I hope to see you around again! And finally, congrats to my bitch @ BloodyPro Really couldn't have been more deserved, you've made of this community what it is today!!!
  8. Hey, welcome to GamerClub. I hope you like it here!!
  9. Ammo Packs Given
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