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  1. @zXCaptainXz can you prevent that from happening in dust 2 too please. @WillT no admin banned you. That is an automatic 10mins ban. You should be good now
  2. @Sharky @Lil Twinito Are you sure he was disrespecting? His admin was removed because he was advertising other servers IPs. Knight can be many things, but is he actually disrespectful now? I'll look into the logs but I don't think he was disrespectful.
  3. More opinions needed. @ Demo Reviewer @Server Manager
  4. Skins for players are added but they are for admins and VIPs only
  5. @Lord. Death. We decided to keep the 500 ammo packs reward for new players to forums. About remoted controlled bomb, will be added soon New weapons will be added soon as well No skins for normal weapons either, they're not used most of the time. It would just make the server heavier for no reason Zombie classes will be added soon to About weekly events, I have no problem making them, but if you have suggestions for it would be great
  6. As @zXCaptainXz said, we might use it for an event or something, but not as a special mode. It doesn't really fit zp mod. It's more for a multimod server.. Closed
  7. Alright. We will add radio messages back but with limited to prevent spamming. And to those who do not want to see/hear radio messages at all, use the command "ignorerad" in console. @zXCaptainXz Closed
  8. We decided to remove glow from zombies. @zXCaptainXz Closed
  9. Unbanned because the default ban length for intentional advertising is 6 hours.
  10. @Yeey Make sure you re-install cs from a trustworthy source. Once you do that, you are free to join our servers. Closed/Moved
  11. I would like to keep reading opinions This is just a clarification. The automatic modes are infection/Multiple infection/swarm/plague. Swarm and plague have 10% chance from occurring and once they're played in 1 map, they won't be played anymore. That's how it currently is.
  12. After discussing with the zp management we decided to deny your suggestion. Reasons being: - The creation of multiple accounts to give to their main one - Players with an high amount of ammo packs getting spamned non-stop - Those who eventually gave players ammo packs would be ruining the balance in the server and we would have everyone buying extra items
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