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  1. Xtrem

    Dust2 24/7 Roster

    @ Electric added to the roster as permanent admin. Welcome back!!
  2. Ammo Packs Given to the correct ID
  3. If you need help to fill the application, read this guide:
  4. Please attention to the applications! You have a VALVE ID not a STEAM ID
  5. All situations have been considered. I know how much it hurts at first, last year I had my ammo packs reset too. But at long term, it's certainly the best decision. I'm pretty sure the server will be much more balanced and enjoyable in the next months, instead of having always the same players winning rounds because they're rich. The decision is final.
  6. We totally understand your opinion and respect it. We knew it would be risky and unfair for some players, but the other way around it would be unfair too. Because only a minimum amount of players actual post evidence. So we would have 95% of the server with their aps gone, and only 5% with a ton of ammo packs, and it would unbalance the server even more. At this point, everyone has the same amount, and we were generous to let you begin with a fair amount of 500, instead of the previous 30. And as said in the topic the ammo packs applications are open again for everyone, so you can apply and ge
  7. Ammo Packs Given Since you wished me happy birthday i gave you double :D Jk, thank you!
  8. Please read this topic. No one will get their ammo packs back this one time. However you can get free 500 through this application
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