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  1. We absolutely can say that this ZP mod belongs to us and every other communities copied it. Nigthmare and Tag mods belog to ZOD. Of course we also can copy things from other clans but why should we do that when we already have ours? Furthermore, those two modes won't match with current mods. About this ranks, that's a pretty good idea but the names don't match with zp. We had Ammo Packs ranking system in the past that had nice names. Still remember few of them - Rookie, Noob, GodLike, Savage, Assasin, Immortal and so on. Would be good if you guys use names that is likeable.
  2. it wasn't cuz of plugins and mods, the bug comes from the map that is why we couldn't fix it.
  3. we had zm_zr_egyptian for a long time in zp, we had to remove it because of its bug that is unfixable. around 2/3 of the players can't join in the map, it automatically kicks them out.
  4. Be a member in another community - specially making application to apply for it, is already double clanning.
  5. First, Camaro got banned few days ago at LS for hyperscrolling. Second, He is still member at LS what is already double clanning. Third, You are admin at gc and playing in ls zp again. And last, we already have aztec infinity what is similar to basic aztec. are you sure you wanted to post it here?
  6. On the difficult path of life we face many problems when we are powerless to change things and are obliged to obey it. I am so sorry to have to say this today but the time has come to finally leave gc, the time has come to give others a chance to take my place and be much better than I was, to learn from my mistakes and to take my good things. I am very sorry that I have to go at such an important time but there is no other way. It was a very difficult decision for me but unfortunately we cannot change anything. The time will come and I will come back, I hope that with this return I will
  7. @ The Girl is the new sm of zp, congratulations.
  8. You made one of the saddest day in the nearest past, wish you all good mate. and congrats @ BloodyPro truly deserved position, wish you all the best.
  9. Welcome to Gamerclub mate, shado's brother is our brother too.
  10. Openning new account and changing name in game doesn't matter, you have already got free packs. Trashed.
  11. Added @ hwgodlike as a trial admin.
  12. Added @ AinZ OoaL GowN as a permanent admin. Welcome to the blue team.
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