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  1. უდაჩი p.s. i hope the google translate don't lair me
  2. Удачи, мой Друг! Good Luck my Friend!
  3. Only the best for your new Family !!!
  4. 100 rows of code for 3 plugins, why so long? rank is very important for players so i sent to you the setting for SXrank system please do it please @ BloodyPro @Developer
  5. Forum Name: Sniezka In Game Name: [GC] Sniezka Admin?: classic/d2 Your Absence's Date 5/27/21 Your Return's Date no date Reason of your Absence Personal life
  6. 1. "SpecList" plugin - Shows a list of spectators for a specific player 2.I didn’t understand a damn thing 3. "Leader" plugin - Will reward the best player in the server for frags. The player will gain +5 health, and the message “Nick_name has become the leader” will be displayed on the screens of all players. 3.1 Ultimate Leader plugin - adds the ability for players to get leader status. Initially (after starting the server, restarting, changing the map, etc.) there is no leader and at the beginning of the round all players will be notified of this, namely that the leader will be determined in the current round (first round). There can be only one leader. At the moment, 2 modes of determining the leader are available: For murders. If during a round the player makes more kills than other players, then he will receive the status of the leader. If several players have the same number of kills, then of these players the leader status will be given to one player who inflicted the most damage. By damage. If a player deals more damage than other players in a round, then he will receive the status of a leader. If several players have the same amount of damage, then of these players the leader status will be given to one player who has made the most kills. When the leader is already determined in the first round, all players will be notified of the nickname of the player who received the leader status and his current performance. In all subsequent rounds after it, any player can try to take the leader's status for himself, for this you need to surpass the indicators of the current leader in a round. The indicators depend on one of the modes described above, that is, either by kills or by damage, and then, if the first characteristic of the mode is the same for several players, then the leader's status will be taken by the player who surpasses the current leader in the second characteristic of the mode. During a round, the current leader can surpass / improve his current performance, which will also be reported to all players and his current performance will be described. If in the round no one has taken the leadership or the leader has not surpassed / improved his performance, then all players will be informed that in this round no one has surpassed the leader and the leader's nickname, well, if someone took the leadership, then all players will be given a nickname the one who became the new leader and his current performance. Results for the round, such as: the new leader and his current performance, the leader has exceeded / improved his performance, no one has taken away the leader's status. Displayed at the end of the round. Leader status gives the player skin and a chance to spawn after being killed 4. "Looting the bags" plugin - after the death of the player, a golden flashing bag will drop out, picking up which you will take the things of the deceased player. Items can be money, weapons, ammo, grenades, or even health 4.1 "CSNadeDrops" plugin - grenades drop out after the player's death (if there were of course) 5. Will be fixed
  7. ok Gazi good! Give us more detail: which maps should be removed from the list, which maps should be added or maybe make several list of maps and activate them at different times?
  8. @ Dr.ICE Добро пожаловать, тезка!
  9. It's important to run away in time =)) focus.webm
  10. Civilization 1991 - I stared playing on the MS-DOS =))
  11. 1. 7 times 2. not for a racism it was for disrespect @Owner @Co-Owner @Staff I find it impossible to discuss the actions of the STAFF here @ Jirensenchi in any case you will get the answer
  12. almost same =)) Welcome Pal !
  13. Yes of course that's work for Zombie Mod CS1.6
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