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  1. name : The Girl 85. 399 STEAM_0:0:145918795
  2. in dust2! you never know if it's ct or tt. with those skins! What makes it fun! hahahha @GoOoD nice nice! knife!
  3. I told you! shit, it should be fortune teller: D Congratulations @DefofChaos proud of you!
  4. https://gamebanana.com/skins/168483 If this does not work. the same one that has def!
  5. Well, compete with UGC. and its +40 servers! It will be an impressive challenge! but I'm glad! Know that we are above a community! : D
  6. The Girl

    Fun Server

    Yesterday was the first time I entered the server! and my respects .. I had a lot of Fun. hahaha
  7. every day I surprise myself more about you!
  8. The Girl

    New Skins For Guns

    In my opinion! As I read some! Dust2 does not need to have more things .. it is better without any of that, so there is no lag .. * I've seen those weapons ... and I was in a community that added those plug-ins, good! but it doesn't make it classic! I think the original is better .. and about those weapons in zp. do not! They are not compatible for zp! and I do not like them! in zp every weapon must have a power! and those are only for cs.
  9. welcome to the GC community enjoy!
  10. The Girl

    Fps plugin

    Aggregate! zp just needs little things !! that must be corrected .. about the delay .. the player .. can play with a ping of 200 and does not see the lag .. does not affect the server! (if stable) on other servers the delay (lag) if it is affected in the players!
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