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  1. well. The maps that appear in these votes are recurring maps that the user chooses and they are the most common that they play! but like i said. If you as an admin see the same map again, you can vote both at the end and at the beginning of a game! (You will have to tell the players to change the map so that they do not use or spend the apps.) nothing will be removed. maybe in the future yes, we will.... can simply change said map. relying on the rules is everything! That is why your admin allows you to vote on these maps, can do it!
  2. hi! well. is new. interest. i like! agree.. for me add. Let's see how this map goes!
  3. oh no, my good old friend! all the successes for you, I hope your recovery soon! take care of yourself!
  4. well it's called survivor for a reason! He is the only survivor and if he can be beaten if the server is full! about nemes etc add. well in this case there is a mode where the survivor is with 5k and a nemesis. We appreciate your opinion. and we will think to see if we add one more mode!
  5. Welcome to GC Enjoy your stay
  6. I am not in any of those captures. : D hahaha because if I were they wouldn't have that amount: D
  7. nuevas imágenes. ¡No hay captura de los que se han salvado!
  8. Congratulations! you deserve it!
  9. Given to understand, we know of the errors that we have and that we must solve. -Replanting the laser mine is prohibited, since we know that doing so completes its health. if so and if you see it. do not hesitate to tell us, take screenshot or demo, and we will ban it! -Regarding fps, everything possible is being done to improve it. -the mistake when people enter a mode. well. It is a common error that has been since the server was started. -the bug. it is something normal that sometimes happens .. -special rounds, normal- aelatories! If it doesn't happen on one map, it will happe
  10. wow it was a bucket of very cold water. He was so young and so cheerful! my condolences to his family!
  11. Well we are working with the issues that are required for an improvement of the zp.! for the fps, well there is said command to increase and stabilize the fps in the game .. we do everything possible and hopefully everything works before the end of the month!
  12. Well explain how things happened! @ Camaro
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