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  1. Happy Birthday Soviet!

  2. @ DefinitelyNotJah dont be a dumbass and check the database, everything's probably full again
  3. @ Xtrem talking about you i think
  4. Soviet


    thanks i am very delighted
  5. Soviet


    It's 2021 how are you people still falling for scams like these
  6. This may come as a shock to most of the people, but the time has come for yours truly to resign. It's not that I don't like gaming anymore or anything, but my activity has been recently dropping due to family issues, I guess, and as of now I figure the only way to get rid of those issues is to drop gaming altogether, so with a heavy heart I do what I must do, and I resign from my duties in this community. It's been a great great time with everyone here, I haven't had this much fun in any gaming community ever, but all good things must come to an end someday, and this is the end of th
  7. See you don't need abs to be happy
  8. i swear this is like the 5th time i see an introduction from you
  10. 22nd*. Loser. See ya later alligator
  11. Soviet


    @ oldgamerOG you ungrateful bastard you made a child cry, how do you feel?
  12. Click here to recieve your ammo packs
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