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  1. This may come as a shock to most of the people, but the time has come for yours truly to resign. It's not that I don't like gaming anymore or anything, but my activity has been recently dropping due to family issues, I guess, and as of now I figure the only way to get rid of those issues is to drop gaming altogether, so with a heavy heart I do what I must do, and I resign from my duties in this community. It's been a great great time with everyone here, I haven't had this much fun in any gaming community ever, but all good things must come to an end someday, and this is the end of the line for me, for now. I hope I will be able to return in a couple of months, maybe a year, but the longest you will have to survive without your savior, me, is like 2-3 years, I have no idea, it depends how things work out. I will check in with y'all once in a while from my phone, to see how things are going, but I am dropping gaming, so I really can't do much if not on my computer and definitely if I don't visit the servers. It's been a fun ride, and i hope to see brighter days come forwards. Yours truly, Soviet.
  2. See you don't need abs to be happy
  3. i swear this is like the 5th time i see an introduction from you
  5. 22nd*. Loser. See ya later alligator
  6. @ oldgamerOG you ungrateful bastard you made a child cry, how do you feel?
  7. Click here to recieve your ammo packs
  8. @ oldgamerOG more than enough. But you could add crackhouse. TTT_maps.rarbikinibottom.rar bikinibottom is just the sprites for the map, i dont think others need any because i dont have them lmao
  9. Can also attach Credit card info from both sides (optional) and also your social security number (U.S. residents)
  10. Did any one of you actually see my post like wtf it has no likes no haha's no nothing. This is just being racist towards me.
  11. Depends how much you score on this mental age quiz if you score above 18, you are free to join alone.
  12. Welcome to the full rule list of TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a simple game mode. Bluff and master baiting (hehe) will help you to win your round. Your round objective depends on the role you get (Traitor, Innocent, Detective). No one else knows your role, unless you are the Detective. (Or a Traitor, other Traitors know that you are one) Traitor: As a Traitor, your objective is to cooperate with other Traitors to successfully kill all the Innocents and the Detective(s). You may use the Traitor shop to help you, but beware, because you may end up getting killed while killing someone else! Once all Innocents and Detective(s) have been killed, you have won the round. Innocent: Your objective is to help the Detective (if there is one) to identify the Traitors and kill them. Detective: Your objective is the same as Innocents, BUT, you can also command up to FIVE players at once, to do any action (such as go into the traitor testing room, follow you, etc., similarly to being the warden in JailBreak.) You can also use your tools, such as the Truth gun (You die, if you shoot an inno, traitor dies if you shoot him) to help you find the traitors. Now that we've established what the roles are and what they do, let's jump into the general rules. GENERAL RULES: *General server rules still apply, so dont go around aimbotting and expect you won't get banned. *There are several terms in TTT that you should know of, such as: RDM - RDMing means killing someone, without having proof of them being traitor or killing them for no real reason (If you're an innocent.) Such as you just decide to go and randomly shoot someone because they picked up a gun you wanted. (Of course you can kill anyone as a traitor, except other traitors, of course.) RDMing leads to slays on next rounds. KOS - or, Kill On Sight is a command you can call once someone is shooting at you or is seen with a Traitor item, which will make everyone go kill the person you just called a KOS on. If you call a KOS for no real reason, you will get a slay next round. (Traitors CAN NOT call KOS on anyone.) For example, if you see someone running around with a Traitor item (AK47, AWP), you can call a KOS on them. Karma - Karma is your current condition, you lose Karma if you RDM and you regain Karma by successfully completing rounds. Low Karma may get you auto banned, so be careful! Traitor baiting - Traitor baiting is when an Innocent acts as if he is a traitor by doing restricted actions (such as shooting near you, at you, saying he will kill you etc.), which is punishable by slaying or banning! Credits, XP and Level - Credits is the item you use to buy shop items with, Traitors get credits for succesful kills, Detectives and Innocents get credits for killing traitors. Credits reset each round. You earn XP and may Level Up (which unlocks more shop items) by successfully completing rounds. *You must have a valid name, that is easy to understand, so people can call KOS on you if needed. Your name can't be (for example): samdjsajdbasdnadsanm, Me, 21398128321973, etc. *What happens after you see someone killed? Well, you can identify the bodies to find out their role. If you see one person kill another, you can ask them to ID their body. If the body is an innocent, you may kill them. If the body is a traitor, means the person is PROVEN and is a guaranteed innocent. *Follow the detectives commands, if he is commanding you. If you do not, you may get killed! *Ghosting is RESTRICTED. *If the map requires you to move somewhere else to play (such as ttt_fourtowers) you can not camp in the spawning point. *You can do an AFK check by counting down from 5 to 0 SLOWLY. *How do you know when you are allowed to kill someone? Heres a list of VALID reasons to kill someone. You see a person kill someone else and the ID'd body is an Innocent. (Detectives are an exception). You see the Detective attacking someone. You see someone carrying a Traitor item. You see someone Traitor Baiting. The person is identified as a traitor in the testing room. Person not following detective commands. Someone pressing traitor buttons. Someone NOT killing a KOS'd person. Someone not identifying an unidentified body. *You CAN NOT kill people for the following actions: You hear someone die nearby (You must have VISUAL proof to kill someone). If you see someone do something you can kill them for, but DO NOT see their name and they disappear out of your sight. (You can't chase them down) Person seemingly using a traitor button, UNLESS he is directly next to it and looking at it. (And presses it, duh.) TRAITOR RULES: *Some of the most important Traitor rules are: *If you kill someone, be prepared to face consequences. *You can wallbang (shoot through walls), whereas other people cannot. *If you are seen carrying around traitor items, people can kill you! *RDMing and calling KOS is still restricted. INNOCENT RULES: *Some of the most important Innocent rules are: *Kill anyone who has a KOS on them. *Kill anyone who is proven a traitor (by the detective, KOS, testing room, etc.) *Follow the Detectives orders. *Help the Detective find the traitors. DETECTIVE RULES: *Some of the most important Detective rules are: *You can command people to drop their guns, freeze, etc. (Commanding someone to freeze is allowed, but not for long periods or full movement restriction, such as AFK freeze. You are only allowed to tell them to freeze on place.) *Once you have counted down from 5 to 0 without hurrying, you may kill someone if they aren't following your orders. *You can't order players to commit traitorous acts so you can kill them. These are the rules for now, be sure to check these rules sometime, because they may change! -Management of TTT.
  13. Alberto makes a JB event just to get people to join, no one except me shows up. We get rid of the JB server because of the low activity, people suddenly want a JB server. What's up with that?
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