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  1. Good luck @ Daniel ! See you soon!
  2. Your Name In-Game: xAXOTO #GC Your Timezone: GMT +2
  3. Agreed with @ Pwnography most of players in classic have ping 150+. About ping I am ok to be 251
  4. Nice, nice. Can you also make for me also THX
  5. Здравей, здравей добре дошъл/а! Enjoy!
  6. Добро пожаловать, товариш!
  7. xAXOTO

    Classic Roster

    Updated - added @ Sm0k3 as perm admin. Welcome back!
  8. Welcome and enjoy your stay! PS: Put some links of sets
  9. xAXOTO

    Classic Roster

    added @ SAVKE as VIP
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