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  1. I'm here to tell you that my admin journey is over , I don't know why they took it from me . I had a great momments in this community and i wish you the best luck and take care of yourselves . Bye
  2. New video in my channel guys !! Go to see it !! I was some inactive because i had to study a lot . Thank you guys !!
  3. New video guys !! Go to see it , i hope you enjoy
  4. Hello guys. Here you have the video about zombie scape , subscribe for more. I upload videos about other games and about this community . Thank you
  5. I would like see zombie escape in our community i love ze , i swear i Will be very active and bringing people through my Channel etc
  6. Welcome to GC , Herbal!!
  7. He has 3 deaths , i want winn, i should play 8 hours everyday to get more kills/deaths , but idk because he has 358 kills and 3 deaths , me 339 - 2 so idk Who win:)
  8. This picture IS edited -_-
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