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  1. Server Zombie Plague In game name gC HJ* KurreLicious Country Sweden Age 28 (old man) iknow :/ Steam ID STEAM_0:0:13197153 How well can you speak english Good How many hours can you play every day 1-2 mostly, Some days even up to 4 Have you been admin before ? Yes Why do you believe you should be promoted to admin?
  2. Looking forward to play abit again when i can :D Been waiting for some of these updates. All Abord the Hype Train!
  3. Tibia if anyone of you guys knows that game haha
  4. how active will you be after this month/your exams are done?
  5. Cant be on the servers daily but i check forum daily from time to time
  6. Sorry for posting but can someone "lock" this thread before this shitstorm goes on any further? right now its just people clashing at each other which wont lead anywere...
  7. Hey, beein a good/mature admin increases your chances thats for sure. Increase your activity and you have my vouch. So right now. No Vouch.
  8. Hey! http://www.mediafire.com/file/rzbe95szu7kxh22/fyn.dem/file 1. Little to long. You can see in some part of the demo he get abnormal speed boost, very short ones. http://www.mediafire.com/file/1i0b77jltwwkw8f/fyn2.dem/file 2. The obvious demo, Short one but you can see in the end when he is flying forward without even strafe.
  9. Hey! I think Debar have improved alot this last 2 week i caught him in action. He have shown dedication towards GC and that he wants to be a part of the blue team. I like that he ask questions insteed of doing rash decicions. Matured alot. You have my Vouch.
  10. Never seen you, i dont mind for en extend trial time to Learn and show us what ur capable of but dident shado Denied This app allready?
  11. Just pin point out. Ive notice some are very horny on Ban button. Insteed of doing the propper warning/explenation Slap/kick/slay they ban straight away which is not good/propper way to do it. You have to warn a rule braker first and give him a chance, before you just ban someone. (unless its a regular rule braker) and ofc this dosent invole if the guy is using cheats/hacks. Thank you.
  12. Hey! I personly dont mind giving people a second chance. I do not like the reason Scody left us, but i wanna give him another chance to prove he wants to be in GC. Also, i know he can do a good jobb as an admin. Wont talk about the Dr part. (not my area to speak). So its a Yes Vouche from me. I want to see you in the blue team again so please dont let us down. Good luck sir.
  13. Hey! From my experince which aint much but the few moments ive played him, He sems like a capable guy. He shown that he wants to support/help our ZP Server. I belive he is mature enought to take the right descisions when time comes. I would like to see him in the blue team. Good luck.
  14. Hey! Kosmos have done a great jobb from what ive seen. He knows what he is doin and have an eye for catching cheaters. And also if he is unsecure and ask insteed of making panic decisions. So Vouch from me, Hope to see you in the blue team :) Good Luck!
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