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Call Me Dave 's cheater report

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Hey vaktoo, thanks for your report and don't worry about the skins we don't see it and only you can since we don't have the same m4 models as you (atleast I don't since I don't see it)

Anyway I've reviewed the demo:

AlBoo: Auto gstrafe #Dirty.  It doesn't seem like he strafes a lot and he goes fast with just 60fps which is amazing. He also used antidote as first zombie which goes against the rules, double dirty. Try spectating in 1st person next time because usually it's easier to tell that way ( well for me atleast xd)

Good job @Call Me Dave

@ Demo Reviewer

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The demo shows that the player is using stand up ground strafe hack.

Also, He was the first zombie on the infection mode and he used antidote as @ Inappy

@Call Me DaveThanks for reporting the cheater on the forums, Also @ Inappyeveryone likes his own way to spec people i love to spec people with 3d person when they are using hyperscroll and obvious hacks with first person.


 Ban Added.

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