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Zombie Plague Change Log

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Zombie Plague Change Log

  • Ammo Packs system re-written
  • XP now saves correctly
  • No more lag at the end of the round
  • Frozen zombies are no longer able to infect humans and damage sandbags/lasermines
  • Zombie madness now breaks from frost effect
  • Weapons damage no longer stack
  • Auto-Respawn during infection and when there is no mod
  • Lasermines can no longer be planted in the air
  • Lasermines are now replanted with the same HP
  • Lasermines laser and damage now goes through humans and sandbags
  • Players no longer respawn as humans/zombies during special mods
  • Zombies/humans are not displayed in the correct team
  • If a boss leaves the server another random one is automatically picked
  • Zombie bosses now get 5 ammo packs per kill instead per damage dealt
  • Weapon menu removed from human bosses
  • Force jump/duck are now consistent
  • Humans now lose nightvision after using antidote, unless they had previously bought it
  • Bullet damage now displays only once
  • Global limit to human weapons
  • Owner no longer triggers it's own grenades explosion
  • Map is only changed after the round is over
  • Climb zombie no longer gives errors
  • VIP menu removed from bosses rounds
  • Removed and updated HUD and chat messages
  • Removed flare grenade
  • Added FPS menu
  • Fat zombie baby buffed
  • Removed satchel charge grenade mode
  • Suppressed all radio messages
  • Rules in English (/rules) and Spanish (/reglas)
  • Added FPS counter in the HUD
  • Zombies/humans can see each other's names/hp/ammo packs
  • Removed welcome/goodbye messages
  • /get now gives 100 Ammo Packs every 12 hours
  • You can now change your nickname in-game
  • Golden AK now costs 75
  • Ethereal now costs 70
  • Unlimited ammo now costs 40
  • Added missing files
  • Updated VIP menu
  • Added zp_respawn @all to respawn all dead players
  • Zombie bosses display correctly in the HUD
  • Zombie bosses work correctly now
  • Updated sandbags and lasermines
  • /sb command now buys sandbags and opens the menu to place them
  • VIP sandbags and lasermines have extra HP
  • Happy hours system re-worked
  • Commands no longer appear in the chat


Zombie Plague Management Team

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