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Knigth 's Suggestions & Complaints (ZP)

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    I am playing on zp, I have noticed that on each map my xp and ammo packs go back to the same amount (Xp 26162 and ammo packs 13403) (no matter how much I spend, the next map will still have the same amount I already mentioned) it's boring being on the same amount of xp, i guess this level is with a bug or something, i would like to move to another level to see if that continues.
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21 hours ago, Xtrem said:

Ha sido arreglado. Puedes confirmar,@ Knigth

yes ye, my problem was resolved several days ago.


10 hours ago, zXCaptainXz said:

Solo probé el acento y el error no está sucediendo. ¿Puedes confirmar si sigues teniendo el mismo problema?@ Knigth?

I don't have that problem anymore, thank you very much Captain.


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